Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here is a pic of Cracker and Diva playing, They both like to tease each other.
I cant say I got alot DONE this week. but it has been an eventful week !
In the mail I recvd a $ card from Sonia in Iowa, a classmate of Shells. Thank you so much !! Sonia. We visited Walmart fabric dept and finished a bolt of the wide muslin for the backings. When it warms up just a bit I'll be back in the garage basting more tops !
I had a lightbulb moment when I ran across a school house quilt pattern in the spring web issue for QUILT magazine. This will be a quilt for a cousin in CO that lives in a renovated school house. ,, cool !
I also recvd an email from a past ebay customer that read the journal and she will be helping too ! I'm making her couple tops and will use toss the income into the good deed fund.
This weekend is the superbowl.... I will be marathon sewing, hemming and munchies along with the game. ~~~~~ enjoy ~~K

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