Thursday, December 28, 2006



Last week I had the door bell ring several times with BOXES delivered to me.

Today, rather than DO the tree. I moved to the kitchen and dug in the fabric boxes!! wayy more fun ! So I found hot pink yardage in Kays box that will be a back side to a bright crazy pieced top ! PLUS I made two other tops from the left over pink so far. Then dug in Nancys box and found bright pink tulip for the border of one... and after rummaging lil bit deeper have a pink & blue floral border and backside for another. Three tops in one day... definitely inspired....

The Christmas tree still stands.

Jan 3rd is shopping day for batting.......... LOTS of it. ~~~~~~~K

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In The Beginning

In the beginning we sent this letter around to friends, family, and others :

Dear Family & Friends.
I need some help from the All of you. I'm thinking of a project to last me all year. On Oprah, she gave the audience $1000, to go out and do good deeds. That made me think what I could do with that, in terms of good deed quilts, and if I could get others to help in some form. So on a MUCH smaller scale... I'm taking $100 of my own......added to what ever COTTON fabrics I can get scrambled up.... and what ever Joann, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby cards I can beg off friends and family.... donations...yardage ...scraps......... to see how many quilts I can DO.... Could YOU search your own homes and round up good cottons..... scraps........ actual fabrics from other sewers... gift cards from the above , etc. and buzz them to me to make good use of?? This will be an on going project for the year.
I'm thinking of sending the finished quilts to the Linus Quilt Project for sick kids.
I May also send some to Habitat for Humanity houses. I did couple bed size quilts for HH in Mason City a few years back.

we will also be adding to the church blanket gathering

~~Well that's my idea...... Let's see how far I can go with it. Can you help?~~~~~ Karyl

This has blossomed into all kinds of responses::

This is awesome!!!!!!! I have a big laundry basket full and will start mailing as soon as this darn storm passes a bit at a time!!!!!!!!! A page would be ohhhh so cool!!!!!! Hugs to you!!!!!!! Nancy

TODAY I recvd a box of great colors and a back size piece too. from Nancy in KS

Good morning! I'm already getting responses from gals wanting to help you!! YEH!! shell

Today I also recvd a box of several colors in yardage. from Kay in AZ
Its so grand to see things happening.. This will work !!!! thanks !~~~~Karyl

ps::: heres pic of those started so far !!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Newsy Bits

A couple weeks ago we had BIG snow for this area.. 18- 20 " the most they have had in 11 years. This is the back yard at 'Camp David'.
Yesterday was 60 and we sat out there with tea and books !

We had a scare with baby Diva... she went to the vet to get fixed..... and while there her heart stopped. Scared them too ! She was quite slow to come out of the sleep.. but when she did was in full Diva mode. Tis a good thing.

I did the borders on 2 more tops yesterday and now have 5 tops DONE. The pics will be coming soon. I will start a new one today with bright tropical colors and a flamingo border ! ooo snazzy!

Sounds like we have lots of interest in this project. I cant wait to do the holiday and see what the sisters have gathered up.

the holiday is getting closer, make a list !,,,,, make 3 lists!.. check them twice.. and still forget things. enjoy ~~K

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Current Projects

Good Morning, Todays trick is learning to load pictures on here.

Here is Cracker and Diva. They have finally started playing together. She plays rough!

This picture is my Snow Flake quilt I finished this fall. It is drafted from a small greeting card by Diane Phalen. I had this card in the Christmas box for many years and finally got the guts to start drafting and cutting. Shell put it on the guest bed here at 'Camp David'.

This quilt was made while I was in Eldridge, started in 2002! The fabric bought on Tims first trip to quilt shop in Kansas City with Shell and I. I spent some bucks that day and kinda shocked him ! We basted and put it on the frame this week. I will fuss the hand work on that when not doing the good deed quilts.

Monday, December 11, 2006

This is IT

This will be a site to keep friends and family informed of the good deed quilts and others as they are stitched up.

This project all started with an Oprah Show, She gave the members of her audience all $1000 to go out and do good things. That show got me to thinking of all the good deeds quilters do. ALL the many places we send warm quilts. Also ALL the many ways this could be accomplished with NON quilters helping. ( SISTERS in this case).

The SISTERS were here for my birthday in Nov... and the conversation took the turn of doing good things... They thought this was a cool idea and volunteered to help.

It has now blossomed and grown to this!

Its now Dec and Ive done up 5 tops of varied sizes so far. I'm thinking a goal of 30 quilts for the 2007 year. I am able to assemble the tops pretty fast. Playing with the color and puzzle pieces is great fun. Where as the quilting and binding will take some time and Effort.

That and learning the techy stuff of pictures and journaling on a regular basis.