Friday, December 15, 2006

Newsy Bits

A couple weeks ago we had BIG snow for this area.. 18- 20 " the most they have had in 11 years. This is the back yard at 'Camp David'.
Yesterday was 60 and we sat out there with tea and books !

We had a scare with baby Diva... she went to the vet to get fixed..... and while there her heart stopped. Scared them too ! She was quite slow to come out of the sleep.. but when she did was in full Diva mode. Tis a good thing.

I did the borders on 2 more tops yesterday and now have 5 tops DONE. The pics will be coming soon. I will start a new one today with bright tropical colors and a flamingo border ! ooo snazzy!

Sounds like we have lots of interest in this project. I cant wait to do the holiday and see what the sisters have gathered up.

the holiday is getting closer, make a list !,,,,, make 3 lists!.. check them twice.. and still forget things. enjoy ~~K

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