Monday, September 16, 2013


  August was just as busy as July was !      I started out with the Quilt of Valor block drive. It was a simple strip block and I had plenty of red white blue strips in a box here.
  Those were sent to Alycia in Colo. She does good work !
  The sisters were here for a baby shower, Camp David was full for a weekend! There was mention of a quilt wanted for Christmas. Gotta grab those ideas when you hear them !  So this was promptly started..

  Its grown... but still needs borders... and quilting !
  The I went to  Quilt club and the speaker demo'd this.. another strip quilt...
  I was going to use the box of fall colors for a Quiltville pattern shown.. but this is same principle but larger..  even simpler.  It was sewn while watching to much  nightmare type news.(Syria)...... I need elves to quilt it yet.
   The Nov baby quilt is making good progress, tis a good thing because it may come early....  I better get to stitching on that again.

 One of my more recent White Wholecloth Quilts  with the most beautiful niece.

 ... and in and around that was the Opening of  The David Canning Company
   with help from the Miller Gardens.. I now have about 100 jars  on those shelves.. NEAT !

                                        ~~~  Employee of the Month~~~

xox      ; ]

   and One fine Saturday..  Raelle was here to explore  the sewing machine.
  She made Jammy Pants.  Designer style with the border at the bottom..  snazzy !
  There is always something in the works here..  with an order from TX for 8 feathered stars to  get done...
............. and my lazy elves watch the  world go by..................