Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard !

Snow ! we have snow ! we have wind ! We have swirly drifts !

Feels like I'm back home in N Iowa ! Tim had to shovel a path before Diva would go outside. Rare for her !

Cracker is very carefully plowing thru snow up to his chest. There is a 12 " flower pot near the trellis.... see it ????

I think these chairs would give you a cold butt !.... and do you see my blue pool anywhere????

8 inches in front of the door....

Last week Diva was 'skating' on the blue pool. She will get a rude awakening come spring !
I love a good snow storm when we are home safe n sound to watch it sans worrying about roads. Its a good time to hibernate, cook, clean, watch movies, sew...
Yes, Ive been sewing right along, just not doing the pics as regular as I should ! Jan had 2 pink/green tops, 2 very large 'stinkin squares' tops and 1 red feathered star top,, waiting to be basted and quilted ~~ soon !
~stay warm ~stay put. ~~K