Monday, July 22, 2013

July Surprise ! The rest of the story.........

  This week was the Franklin County Fair. We delivered 6 quilts on Tuesday
 morning. After going to out to lunch with Tim we arrived back  at the Fair building for the Judging.   The Judge was very thorough. looked at all aspects of each quilt. I was awarded 6 blues.  She then made her choice of Best of show. not mine... loll... so we went home.
  The quilts were put in their places and viewed all week by fair attendees.   Till late  Sunday when we arrive to  pick them up..... I had  blues on each so that's pretty fine!...
 but then I see my name on a sign near this plaque,, and a big Blue Silver ribbon. ooooooooNIce!   And all the ladies helping at the display descended on me.  A very jolly bunch..  It seems  that Doris Hansen ( of the award)  was a known quilter in the area  and she did very Fine work.  She had so much fun at the Fairs they wanted to carry that forward  by starting this plaque and pretty ribbons.  The family comes to the Fair each year, This is her sister, along with her daughter  and they choose the quilt They like.  Usually  hand quilted!

  Linda's Holiday Quilt fit into a diff category at entry.. A  different  Judge and Booth even... SO we had a second surprise with this lavender rosette ! Runner up Best of Show !

  The nice thing about Hampton Fair is they  write critique on the back of the  registration cards.  ( click and enlarge)

                                              Franklin County Ribbons
                                              North Iowa Fair Ribbons

                                         Worth County Fair Ribbons

 ......... how bout that !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July !

  July is busy too ! After our week at Nashua campground, I came home to  get   a few projects done ! The white wholecloth quilt called to be to be DONE and Delivered to my Brothers daughter.. just in time !  They have a new grand baby to wrap up !

 here  are the  quilts that placed at the Worth County Fair.. along with stickers rather than ribbons !

  July 9 - 14 was Local Fair I  won several ribbons there.  They did give normal size ribbons, Just not normal colors of ribbons. The blue ribbon    was purple..  It kinda plays a mind game when  tradition has the grand prize as being purple.... nutz

  Linda's Christmas quilt  received purple/BLUE and the  Red & Black Braid received a Red 2nd.
  My Ocean Belize blue quilt received a Red  2nd
  The funky green ribbon shown is actually the   equivalent of the light purple for runner up........ or in this case  Best Hand Quilting won with  Holiday star '12 belonging to Jake & Jade
  Shelley's Christmas Star won a purple/BLUE ribbon.
  Because last year  there were so  few entries  to judge or compete with I took everything I could that  could fit a category.  This green daisy quilt is very old wall hanging. It recvd a  white ribbon for 3rd.
  Shelley's  white whole cloth baby quilt won a purple/Blue.

  and the Grand Prize !!! shown above is a dramatic kaleidoscopemade by a MC woman, whos name I dont know..  This  quilt is neat in the construction of it ! Well Done !

 Jake & Tim did some repair to the wood shed.. !

  Tugged at my heart to  watch this....... to see Jake up n down the ladder !!
   This was Oct 5 !  xox

  and soooooo we have been in this Iowa house a whole year now !!
 Not many changes made indoors,, but the yard and  raised beds have been put to work.

 The garden is growing and we have Beans to can !  Goodies to chop for supper !
 ......  Grammas canning books were pulled form the box  and found a good spot on the shelf.
  a small batch. ...but a  start !!

  July 16 - 21  Hampton Fair     The judge here was very thorough !
Shelley's, Linda, Jades Christmas quilts, a whole cloth,  the black red  braid,  and Frank Windows.. all won blue ribbons.
 We also attended  the school reunion and visted many locals at the Golf course.  We set the Beast up at  Thornton park with  Shell Lin Lori camping too  and others that showed up over the weeked Larry,  Al , Nancy & Mark,  Jake  & Jade w Carson, Steve S, Mark F , Bob & Lori...

.. a Good Time was had by ALL !