Saturday, February 25, 2012

Camp David of the North?

view down the street from RV gate, edge of town

the over hang & trellis of the back door

view of the RV pad from the back door

looking the other way from the back door. nice patio. ..and fountain??

lots of space plus big dining room for Mom' s table and hutch

in the basement. 4 sides of shelves. oh my !

Man space

quilt baste table or exercise machines?

down stairs bathroom.. nice tile

standing on the steps ,, family room

doors to the laundry and stairway,, and bedroom & den

street side front door, and dining room window bay window

kitchen looking to the dining room. 4 bar stools long counter !

standing in the dining room looking to the back door /deck

sun shiny window,, and a garage for Tea items

a pantry ! room for coats & shoes, before sliding out the pretty door to the deck

standing by the pretty door looking to the right.. fireplace and living room

standing at the pretty door looking more toward the the dining room

looking down the yard while standing on the deck..big patio plus the RV pad back there.

garden shed or Tim's Wood shed

now to wait for spring to see the garden goodies. And make it ours !!!