Saturday, June 12, 2010

June Projects

We have been staying busy here, our spring jumped into summer with the tropical style heat and humidity. but the Garden luvs it !! Soon we will have goodies from there.
Finally after my required sewing, Ive got the new canopy on the swing. The old one used to be pink, now faded to a moldy grey. YUK . I cut it off the frame and measured directly onto the green fabric ~ It Fits !

My Tx Lady I sew for has been in a rut with dark brown and black fabrics for her stars. This time she chose a jazzy blue with teal polka dots for 4 stars!

The Holiday Quilt for 2010 has begun !! I'm only 6 months behind ! so why not Do TWO ? and here is a tease of the colors and the Backside !

We also sent 5 of the previous GoodDeeds to Peggy in MC for a charity auction. I have few more in the closet finished, and a few more on hangers needing quilting, and manymany more in the Idea stage.
I'm not done yet ~~ but now its time for either the pool or a ride ~~ seeya~~