Sunday, May 5, 2013


 Its been a busy spring here ! Odd one too ! With snow this past week . a whole 8 1/2 inches !!     One day we did bike ride around the area.. the next day we were in Des Moines with tank tops on  to take the RV for tune up...  The following day it snowed ! nutz, some body ticked off  Mother Nature for sure LOLLLL...

 So while  tucked away in the house instead of playing in the dirt..  We hung this special May basket quilt.  This quilt was made by girls around the world that  were in a chat room CrazyQuilters. It was hosted by Nancy..   If I remember right   it was quilted in Canada.. and bound during the long drive from there to Kansas City in 1999.

  Participants rang from  a gal stationed in Japan,  couple from Canada, couple from Australia.  an immigrant of Pakistan, New york, Kansas, Nevada,  Wisconsin, Tennessee.. a fun bunch of girls !
  May 3 !! 8.5 on the ruler !

  Ive been busy !!  After working hard on the 2013 Winter star Quilt to Top  stage.  It was time to  do a commission job of 5 Red feathered stars... Next on the list is  this whole cloth baby quilt Hand drawn and hand stitched for a niece that is due soon.  I better get to work. !  I also have another one to do for   the next grand baby ! coming in November.
  Along about Feb I started   the garden in the basement.. I think past owners had a grow light set up down there.  I'm giving it a try. !

  Up stairs the  Dining room table changes as often as the projects do !
 Here I have the finished  Feathered Stars waiting for starch.. and  dozen squash plants waiting for bigger space.
.. and always the puppies are there to   keep an eye on me.

 Dandy loves this  door open to watch the world go by ~~~~