Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Super Bowl weekend was spent sewing up a storm. After choosing a color combo ( Anything Solid) These 3 tops fell into place. They stitched up fast ! For those that 'stash bust' No Idea how much fabric got used up but it all came from the closet. I didn't fuss over color choices I just cut a big pile of many solids and sew till its gone ! Next week is quilting the Purple Braid tops and perhaps if its warm, baste these. The year has a good start with 7 Good Deed tops so far. Pot Roast yesterday.... Soup & Fresh bread today..... Hibernating is a good thing.

Update 2 /14
All the purple quilts are quilted and hemmed. These 3 solids are quilted & hemmed DONE!. I have one bright colored one left to do. Currently am stichin on Feathered Stars for Tx lady. Next week a work trip to Ark w Hubby. Ill take the machine along for while he is in classes.