Monday, August 31, 2009


  • ~We recently did a 6 day bike ride. We toured thru Mo. Along the ride we stopped for lunch in Monroe City , MO seeing flames shooting thru a window. curtains in flames blowing in the wind,,, the AC in the up stairs window on fire ! Tim stopped, a Truck of construction guys stopped,, they called 911, while I ran thru the house, and Tim found the garden hose to shoot it as far up as it could reach. It took the In Town Fire Dept 20 min to arrive ! when they got there they walked to their positions.. NOT RUN ?? .............. crazy.......

  • ~ From there we cruised across to Nauvoo, Ill Mormon settlement. We did an afternoon of tours there,seeing the village with gun smith shop, school.. garden plots, Then the very fancy big Temple. We were not allowed inside as you need a special permission slip from your local church to get in.... (odd to me).

  • ~ We did a hotel with in room hot tub that nite, old sore bones from the ride, (ooooooo Nice.) In the morning it was north to Lin & Teds. We stayed there a nite.. grilled out, got to visit with Gramma Jackie. Also went trailer shopping with Lin and boys. we found at Least ONE for each family.. we have good ideas! LOL ( thought I had bike pic from there.. maybe Lins camera?)

  • ~ Down the road to Cedar Falls next. With a nice ride thru Iowa cornfields, pretty farms, admiring gardens along the way, fussing at the places where they mow 10 acres worth... nutz! We found Loris work. a Banquet party place... wonderful building. Sat down had a drink there before going across the road to hotel. later we did pizza with her girls and played in the pool. It made for a good nite.

  • ~ Fri Lori had off so we rode out to her farm to view the many changes since tornado Blew it away last summer. WOW nice new red buildings and sheds. The horses have a good set up, the house and garage are situated on the hill with a view. Major progress there in the past year!

  • ~Our trip to Eldora was sidetracked by a tornado there ! Nancy's house left standing but OH what a mess with siding & roof trashed! We did supper out at Huhot Chinese joint with Nancy, Mark, and Lori, sans kids. We all gathered afterwards at our hotel room for Much More Chatter ~ ( you expect anything else? from TheGreatCrazyIowaWomen)

  • ~Saturday the sun was shining, it was back south we rode. It was cool so we did Jackets till state line. While we did many stops along the way, we still had numb butts by 4 pm when we arrived back at Camp David.

  • ~And a Good Time Was Had By All ~~~

  • ~Since arriving back home: bunches of canning from the garden. Possible study and work to do up a fall season garden. For Good Deeds I recvd a 110yard roll of batting finally.... so will be basting and quilting to keep active on the Good Deed quilts. Seven more in progress this week.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


wow busy summer ! so far

Since Jakes wedding, we have played in the Garden a bunch. I will be canning tomatoes tomorrow.. I see maybe 6 qts, plus couple supper items using the goods. I have a couple large jars of refrigerator pickles in the back of frig. Hope the green beans start soon. We have herbys, Fresh garlic, red onions, red swiss chard variety of tomatoes yet in the garden.

We went north for Aarons Bday had a great time cooking out at Jakes place. Jade has that dolled up nice. We spent the day about town with Aaron and Natalie... Following Gramma Junes tradition of shopping a school outfit for Raelle,,, Girl shopping is great ! also a pizza nite in the pool, was a good trip.

We stopped at Frank & Karen's while there and with Beulla S stopping by carrying a truck load of peaches ! Tim got a crate full and came home to can them.,, yumm

We have done several nice bike rides over the summer. One to a smoke house place... neat history, crazy prices!... To an Amish market with yummy goodies S of Jeff City. To Osage beach with TOOO MANY tourists. To check out couple state parks in case we ever get an RV.

Tim is planning a week long ride around thru parts of IA soon. He is planning a trip thru Quad Cities, Cedar Falls, Eldora, sister and girlfreinds! TheGreatCrazyIowaWomenRoadTrip.
He had other stop planned but fell thru, a bonus, now we can spend lil more time cruisin.
See more sites, shop, visit, take our time... I sure hope the sun shines while out there.

I have a peeve and rant going about Dumb Women Dense Unobservant on the phones while driving ! ooooooo.!

Last week in the middle of a large jar of pickles I sliced a finger...... eeek.... Tim had to finish that mess.

This week we took the Red bike in for tune up.. He was talking to the service dept while I was talking to the sales guy!! and came home with a pretty retro Pearly White & Silver one..... snazzzzzy!

We tested that out today with a ride over thru Hanibal . LONGGGGGggggggg ride, numb butt style. WE went all out and did~ fancy~ gormet~$5 lunch at Subway! LOLL, We sure have a good time with each other.

Diva got her hair done Monday,, she was a baglady.... she is much more sporty now for her fave job of minding the garden or sitting near the pool with Us.

Im doing a mini marathon of sewing this weekend to get a comission job done to Tx lady... 7 blue feathered stars. I'm in desperate need of bulk batting when we get back from IA trip. I found aplace that sells 2 fat rolls at a time. a good deal.
My Good Deeds are on slow with all our playing this summer. last count was 18 donated.. and about 15 on hangers waiting.