Monday, March 17, 2014

Febuary & March !

  Its been a  very busy couple months ! We hibernated, We nested,  We settled in !
  Even with the snowing every 3 days. We were content to be hibernating.  I just open the door to let a bit  of sun shine in when  it was given to us. After the big job of painting  this  space, , It was time to  cut  some of the projects wandering  the mind... 
  At the family Christmas Lori picked out this print and we dug thru several boxes to  gather more colors. This will be assembled into large pineapple with the medallion centers and  strips around  the octagon.......

        I cant wait to get going on this one !!!!
  We 've had snow nearly every week.. the pile by the garage is taller than me. The path up to the deck gate is just that, a path !
   The spoiled puppies like walking Tim to the mail box n back.

  another of the projects wandering my mind..  I have colors in  box 'fermenting' for this one.  Then along comes the Sochi Olympics, and there is  my design !! all done in bright diamond shapes, the colors have movement.  I have the plan of taking many greens, springy green, margarita green,  Kelly green. mixed with  garden flowers, of coral, purples, yellows..  fading up into blues. sky blue, cloudy blue,  sun shiny gardens,, wild flowers............. and then this  tiny pic in the sale flyer showed up,  dissect that into  diamonds, and squint........... Its still in the ol head... but its drafted now, and the colors are in a box....  Its calling me ! can you tell ???
 .... always a project or 2 .... or 3....4...... and  shorts that need hemming so they don't look  quite as old & dutchy as I feel some days...; )  ................

 . and we've planted more seeds.... sooner or later summer will come !

  First I need to get the Paying$$ jobs done.

 My 'Stack The Deck' quilt is home form the MacNieder Museum just in time to  provide springy color in the front room.
 And Treys quilt is finally getting done

  Treys quilt was a gift for Christmas given in Jan,  with quilting promised in Feb during Olympics. and finally done mid March, loll He may recieve it before summer  yet!

 . I got out and attended the local Guild. They made new market bags. This is done up with fabrics from Australia.....  acquired from a long ago chat room  group  xo
....and then one night I had ants in the pants and changed the room around......again...

                                              Henry came to check it out !
  so here we are  nearing the end of March already, I'm   busy getting red stars done for commission job, then onto Lori's quilt,  cutting projects to toss in the RV, a quilt show weekend to prepare for.  Then I'm thinking we are off to wander in the RV. .... bring on the warmer weather !!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January '14

  We  had a MerryNewYears Party with family Jan4...Henry was my  gift this year !
  I think we had 25 or so here !
  This house is great for a large gathering.. We all ate, gifted, and had a good time.

 Kelsey and  Hubby won the Holiday Star 2013.  I don't have any pics of them with it.........  bummer !

 After all the partying and holiday  I was between projects ... no commission job, the holiday quilt done.. It was time to tackle the house spruce up  that was started when we bought the place May '12 !!  To many things happened latter part of  '12 and learning how to be retired in '13. garden. RV. we were busy !

... And so it begins with stripping wallpaper in the giant kitchen / living room..  This room is 24' x 27'.

   We also stripped the bathroom wallpaper.
   The green was under the paper as was the original  50's pink.. loll
 . and my helpful Hubby helped with  most of it hauling ladders, stripping, taping,, cooking...
  I'm too fussy about the painting.  so that means  D I Y.
 Shell , Lin & I chose the colors the first weekend in the house ! may '12  They  were pinned to the wall all this time, just waiting  to getRdone !
                                                      I like it !
 . The wind blew with typical Iowa winter snow and winds. .. we had -20. and then we had  60mph winds  that week.. nutz !
  The puppies knew how to  survive this mess... see the two lumps under the quilt !!   re: ThingOne and ThingTwo......

  It  blew the drive shut, the walk shut, and the gate shut........

  with the kitchen mostly tidy we moved to the next color...  khaki
 The dining room was also painted fresh.
  The bath received a tan & grape combo with a new curtain and paper border

  After a few days of recuperation.   It was time to  finish it off.. This large wall will have a  changing quilt display.   The red  Snail trail is  up for February.
   A large box of pictures was found and unpacked. Now to get them all polished and shined up,  ready for when sisters  or someone shows up to  hang them. ..
                                                      ..... from our cruise.........
                                                 .....a fun trip to the mall  ... few yrs back  !.............
.... and here's where Ill park my butt  for February.. stitching on a  leftover Christmas gift to Trey, watching the Olympics or movies, while the remainder of the winter blows thru...