Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Country Quilt Project ~ the rest of the story..

Its a warm today ~ I don't think we will have too many more. I'm caught up on the HAVE TO DO things. The Christmas quilts are done , both of them. Nancy's auction quilt got hemmed last night. A wedding one is near done. I recvd a BIg Box of fabric reccently from Kay In AZ. ( Thank You kay) So we spent the morning in the garage basting five country tops. I really like Tim's help. That's a lot of pins. This week will be spent quilting on them!

Ive had a fun month of sewing finishing the Christmas quits, Heres the TEASE: I named them 'Frost on Franks Windows' LOL You figger it out !

I had couple days of shopping w the sisters for cruise clothing. We celebrated Shells birthday with supper out and drinks on Tim. ; )

I had a fun visitor of Sharonqlts, a great gal from the old chat room CraZyQuilTers. She was enroute from Va to Seattle. We talked non stop just like old times !

Facebook seems to be the new way to chat and keep up with those we know. Its also good for reconnecting with those we often wonder about. Its been fun talking to classmates and others with bits of our daily lives thrown in.