Thursday, August 9, 2007

its AUGUST already !

wow summer has flown by.....

We had a good time the month of June in Okla. While there, we visited family across the line in Texas. We missed flooding in Gainsville Tx by few hours coming home. We also visited Nancy in Kansas and missed the flooding there by a few hours.

July, I made Two trips north.. Jake bought a big ol' house. Aaron had a bday turning 20! We celebrated both!

I found I had pretty good motion in the water for my back.. so bought a blue jelly bean pool to play in.... That has been a very nice summer treat.

Our garden is providing many tomatoes, beans, cukes, eggplants, and various peppers for meals. I haven't canned much, but we sure have ate well ! Diva picks her own goodies from the garden and munches in the shade while we swim.

For the Good Deeds, I was finally home long enough to place and receive an order for 35 yards bulk batting. I have basted several tops already. I have 4 quilts done to take to Shells in KC on Sat. This brings the total to 39 quilts finished !

We are on the road again>>>>>>>>>>> back in Sept !!!