Monday, February 25, 2013

Jan Feb Progress

snuggled in a quilt reading  xo
                                         Jade won the  Holiday Star drawing

                                              GoodDeed for January Guild

Grampa corrupting the kid.. loll xo


                                               GoodDeed waiting to be finished
 Ive done so many Linus quilts and so many church quilts I thought perhaps time to spread the wealth  to new places.
 For Jan Feb  I pulled all the  red white & blue fabric I had and started sewing.. so far we have 6 tops!  These will be mailed to  Alycia in CO who participates  with Quilts of Valor.

 The red white & blue fabrics are still on the table  ,, tho the pile has shrunk !.  I'm getting spring fever to get in the garden but being Iowa, I don't expect alot of activity there till middle May. 

 Maybe Ill paint the kitchen ???... Maybe Ill switch to  springy colors..?  Maybe Ill  finish  some tops on hangers......???  Maybe Ill even update this blog more often ~~ Stay tuned ~ ~

Late 2012 Overview and tally

 Just a quickie note  that yes  We arrived into a New Year !
 I'm slowly getting back to a routine like I had in MO.
 Or at least functioning with twice as much Hubby at Home and  less $$  loll :: retirement !

 The  year  was exciting  and  literally flew by !,,
 Jan Tim decided to retire
Feb I went house hunting
March packing and  getting MO house for sale
 April it sold !
May it closed on both houses and we moved to trailer park .. Tim still working
 June   spent at trailer park swimming and sewing
July Tim is DONE,, we  finally arrived  at Ia house
 Aug Boxes more boxes
Sept   cleaned  up the jungley yard. Added a Dandy Dog.  Son crashed bike.
 Oct  Mayo and home care
Nov crazy marathon to get holiday star done.
 Dec  Jake walking sans walker. crazy marathon continued, with prep for first Christmas in IA  house. Jake sans back/neck brace.
Dec 30 DR said Jake is healed up very well ! xo

 The Good Deed tally:
2012 - 8 to the  Ronald McDonald house in Columbia,  ( a Thank You Note from then also !)
2011 - 21
2010 - 39
2009 - 28
2008 - 15
2007 -  42