Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deck the halls !

   It looks a lot like Christmas !

  The perfect wall for hanging  Holiday Star Quilt !
  Ill be putting others up there the rest the year!
  One of the earlier quilt. 95 '97 maybe??

 Its snowing tonite, time to get those quilts on the bed  !

 First Christmas in the Iowa house.  Now we wait till Dec 30th till fill it up with family.   hohoho~ Merry Christmas  to you and yours

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Stitching

   The ChristmasStar2012  is coming along...  I started in  August on a design that has been in the ol' head for couple years with the  designing and  stitching of the top.. Then the drawing and cutting of the homemade stencils..  Much of the center star was sewn using tape on the  front side,,,  
  The it was flipped over and  sections  with curls and swirls were drawn onto the plain muslin and stitched there where I could see what I'm doing !!!

  I use a #10 & #12 between needles for quilting.
  I luv the back sides as much or more than the front sides !

  I have 275 hrs  in this quilt so far. and have moved now to the  small snowflakes/stars on the edges.. These are very thick in places and I need to use pliers to pull the needle thru.... one stitch at a time.

 Our October was a challenge and Our Thanksgiving was VERY Thankful !!

 We had a good Thanksgiving with both my boys coming over for turkey.. Aaron helped get the tree up.  Jake  & Carson spent some time here and helped with the tree also. Carson is a Showman with sweeping arms and demoing just how things  were hung so carefully.

 ............................ and he doesn't stand still !
 and thennnn................... we turned ...... the lights... on......... 'ooooooooooItsBeautiful'....... he was in awe.