Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Country Project DONE

I'm calling this project DONE ! Five Good Deed tops were assembled from the bundle of county style fabric I had in a sack. The fabric donated by Dianna. ( My Avon Lady) The first 3 tops used the bulk of the various colors cut into squares along with setting triangles on the edges and borders. The 2nd cutting was using up all the last bits cut at 1 1/2 " and framing a large print. An easy use for small bits ! The 3rd cutting was use of a pale gold as sashing to 4 pillow panels, another easy finish !

All that's left of the original pile is 3 neutrals/muslin that will be put back in the box till next time.

Now I'm back to a bit of commission sewing, Nancys quilt and Christmas Quilts2010 !!
My machine conked out last week so off we went to Sears for a new one.
The machines earn their keep around here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Country Quilt Project

My pretty pink roses bloom from spring till frost !
Country Quilt Project:
progress so far !
I have so far constructed 3 quilt tops from the Challenge pile. Also shown is the heap of trimmings, Not much gets wasted ! I have one more top setting there waiting to be put together. It will use 1 1/2 inch bits as a border around the larger print center. Whats left at this point is group of neutrals to be used for bindings. I did remove a star print from the beginning group to a group of brights back in the closet.

3 tops finished so far!!

close up of two of them.
I had challenged other quilters to 'Use it till its gone' on the stashbuster list, but no verbal takers. Oh well Ive got 4 tops near done , plus an Idea for a Bright one coming !
Oprah got me started on this with a show challenging folks to make a difference one by one. Ive had lots of help as it bloomed with friends & family getting involved in anyway they could. Recently I put the word out for backside yardage. I got good action back once more ! Thanks for the help !!
To date we have : 25 quilts out the door and a few on hangers in the closet .. 2010 ain't done yet !
28 in '09... 15 in '08... 42 in '07

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Country Quilt Project

..... in the Beginning.........

I cleaned the closet.. and came up with medium sized bundle of 'country' fabrics. (Plaids, strips, old calicos, tan, brown,.....)

I have done this before with a 'blue' theme. that amounted to about 7 quilts that time.. another time I had a shoe box full of brights while stationed in a hotel in Okla for a month. I think I got 4 quilts that time.
This Country Theme stack contains many sizes, strips, colors, backgrounds,, everything from 2 inch to 2 ft in yardage. I have a list of possible patterns, Sunshine & shadows, 4sq window pane, Chinese coins, 9 patch chain. strips... all are very simply done but will surely use it till GONE~!

I'm also on an email list called Stashbusters that encourages us to USE the stash.... so here we go ... DareYA! Use it till its Gone !