Sunday, September 5, 2010

Country Quilt Project

..... in the Beginning.........

I cleaned the closet.. and came up with medium sized bundle of 'country' fabrics. (Plaids, strips, old calicos, tan, brown,.....)

I have done this before with a 'blue' theme. that amounted to about 7 quilts that time.. another time I had a shoe box full of brights while stationed in a hotel in Okla for a month. I think I got 4 quilts that time.
This Country Theme stack contains many sizes, strips, colors, backgrounds,, everything from 2 inch to 2 ft in yardage. I have a list of possible patterns, Sunshine & shadows, 4sq window pane, Chinese coins, 9 patch chain. strips... all are very simply done but will surely use it till GONE~!

I'm also on an email list called Stashbusters that encourages us to USE the stash.... so here we go ... DareYA! Use it till its Gone !

1 comment:

Shirley said...

was going to take your dare, but darn it all I have way too much on my plate right now (rather my sewing machine LOL) But I will definitely get some out of my stash which is not sorted :( and work on it till it is my Teapot fabrics! Go Karyl Go!

hugs, Shirley