Thursday, October 28, 2010

End of the Season

Its end of the season here. The news talked about a hard frost tonite possible 27*. So with a big sigh to the last of the garden goodies, we tore it all out. I tried to do a second season of green beans. Ill plant them bit earlier next year. These were planted August 16 and just now produced 12 beans. The small tomatoes will be added to a basket full on the counter.

Tonite is pasta using the majority of those!

I'm also keeping up with the Good Deeds. The top shown is the last of the colors purchased for Nancy's Auction quilt. Tis a good thing its not all assembled ! Tim found 3 errors I need to fix first.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

All in a Day

All in a day ~ Heres my mess.. LOL some quilters have studios, I call that the house. I sew in many places, just bring the tv tray along. I cut on the dining room table. I iron in the spare bedroom. In the winter the quilt frame has couple different spots it migrates to also. ( I have a really good vacumn)

Yesterday I fussed with a pencil and math to design a border for Nancys quilt. After spending the morning stitching it together it just didnt have the 'framing abilty' I wanted in a border so I ripped it off,,~ frog stitch. ripit rippitt!~ This afternoon a new plan was sewn and added to her quilt. This top is done. ( a sneek peek on the chair)

ALL in a week~ Lin and Shell were here few days. After they left the place was way tooo quiet !! Just Diva and the humm of the machine. These 3 stars were finished this week. 2 are comission job. The star w red border is a GoodDeed. Also DO notice the neat Hawiian Pillow from Lin . Neat !

From my Quilter mail list they talked about old projects. I remebered I still had a box of 2 1/2" squares tucked away from swapping 'millenium squares' in '99. This box has moved with me around Ia to Chicago and around MO. Its all there, still in envelopes with a string around the box.
As I open the box and thumb thru scanning the addys on the envelopes I come to a folded up bundle of Xerox pages.. of a pattern called 'rainbow around the world'
It so happens ! today ! I also pulled a book from the shelf with that same pattern with thoughts to use this box of squares finally~ TEN yrs after the fact !

> coincidence??
the pattern is from a book printed in 1994 by Boonslick Trail Quilters a Columbia MO quilt guild in MO. I moved to Columbia MO in 2004. and bought the book at a show 2 yrs ago '08.
Guess what Ill be doing for the next big quilt??! I think 2010 is past due for a Millenium Quilt, I better get busy !