Wednesday, January 16, 2008

quilt gifts

Christmas was very warm this year..

with several quilts made for family gifts.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Crazy January

Its crazy around here

  • both Puters needed pampering big $$

since Monday

  • 4 tornado sirens & spiky hail
  • Tues finally had couple guys come thru to price running a gas line. possibly hook up a gas stove.
  • Wed the sewer backed up flooding my kitchen... on the phone for that thru Home Warranty people and trying to get someone down here..... they finally came today... here for 2 hours ,, rotor routed in 3 directions! to the street.
  • Tim has a doozy cold all week and takin to much RX makes him scatterbrained mumbley,,, all while on the phone with ALL these things..... NUTZ
  • Then the guy next door is getting new shingles.. so they came here for sales pitch, to inspect the roof..... of course some are needed.... call the Ins folks for possible hail damage.
  • Wed nite Tim crashed the truck thru a state sign,, the bumper is hanging, the windshield a million pieces, and the roof and top of windshield have a deep kink. We get that checked out at shop and estimated on Mon.
  • Diva got her hair done and is pretty now. I'm working on a million lil diamonds quilt top and cussing at it, among other things.
  • The rest of Jan is canceled. ~~~~K