Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas From CampDavid

Merry Christmas from CampDavid ! We had a quiet day with puppies, while waiting for Saturdays Big Family gathering.

Then of course MrSanta comes home this morning and the Temp is 50+ !!

hohoho,, off to Breakfast in the city.. and a pic dated to say WE DID !
(( lots of Holiday tunes!)

Must have been some Magic in the 'Motor bike' they found....
Cuz when they fired it up they ZOoomed around the town....

Do you Hear what I hear??? ((rumblezoomzoom)

Don you now your gay apparel............. (coat, red gloves, Redsilk scarf)

We're Dreaming of a White Christmas...... ( not Just yet)

... over the river and thru the woods to Grammas house we go.... ( we did B'fast out)

.... bearing Gifts we traveled NOT far......

..... our cheeks were rosey and bright......

Its Christmas time in the city ! When the air is filled with cheer......
~~~~~~~~~ enjoy ~~~~~~K

Friday, December 19, 2008


hohoho. !!!

I'm making a list.. checking it twice.. actually several lists .

First is Holiday prep... for a quiet day just the two of us on Christmas Day. Mr will be working ,, then sleeping some of it. We will do a ham dinner and pie.

Diva is all decked out with red scarf.. Her hair apt changed till after the New Year... she is a bit of a bag lady right now LOLLL

The boxes that go to Chicago are sent.. the boxes that go to Des Moines Hotel weekend are stacked in the garage. Along with bunches of Groceries to feed the crowd there. Our crowd is growing this year with Jake's engagement to Jade and her daughter Raelle, Neat!

This year has flown by so very fast!!! I just finished the Holiday 08 star quilt,, all while thinking 'wasn't I just sitting here doing Kay's School houses?' The Holiday Star will be passed to new owners at the Hotel.

A good portion of our year was spent with new Bike riding hobby,,, Tim and I rode all over Mo. This past week Sun Dec 14,,, it was 50* plus here and we went out for B'fast on it. Sure cant do that in Iowa ! The weather changed in the afternoon dropping to 30s with sleet.

I kept up the sewing all year long with more Good Deeds and many many shopping totes .( 46) and a few orders to clients.

On the Good Deed Quilts, We gave 3 more this week to the church. Bringing this years total of Good Deed quilts to 15. Not the same as last years marathon,, but good thoughts non the less.

I've also cleaned out the many boxes of donated fabric. Transferring color combos to an Idea Box and the rest to Big bins for better access and storage. 09 Has more quilts coming, Too many Ideas to quit now !

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pretty in pink

One of our chat girls got nominated for a PINK
quilt..... taddaaaaaaaa... pretty in pink and Diva inspected.
~~ Happy Birthday Tisha~~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diva's new tricks

I'm spending many hours quilting on the frame of the Holiday'08 quilt.

THIS is where the Diva is hiding!

ALL 3 yr olds like forts!

Who's that Doggy in the window??

We changed the living room around. The Diva found a new perch !
Enjoy the day~~K

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Colors

We have been having ball with the Glorious Fall Colors !
Every drive on the bike we oooh ahhh at the mix and variation of the colors. God was wonderful painter.
Last year with all our drives and trips to the chiro I was inspired to
save and preserve these colors. The quilt top is finished but not quilted yet, however it is in a photo contest.
Tim had fun using the old 35mm at the Landscape shop nearby.

He caught me too!

We did several rides this fall as the weather and colors changed.
Couple trips were for Toy rides with the bike group. This was a new thing for us and very exciting. The Police closed off the route escorting the group of 500+ bikes ! (very noisy) People stood on the porches and cheered. This group gathered a gym full of toys and food donations.
The next week we did a smaller group of only 100 bikes... same escorted parade set up with chili lunch furnished afterwards. This group accumulated 2 trucks full. That's a lot of Good Deeds.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summer FUN

This is currently more fun than quilting ! Gardening ! Housework ! pool !

nuff said. ~~K

Saturday, August 9, 2008

summer flying past

Summer is flying past at a Too Quick pace.

We have been up north couple times.

Rode the bike a bunch around here.... down to Osage beach..... out to a Mexican place for nachos.
The garden is doing nicely with cukes, eggplant and tomatoes to can.

I'm still sewing.. just finished a Large Quilt for a lady at work.

Also have several stars on the table to stitch up for Susan in Tx.

In between all that I redid the kitchen. It was very simply done with new iron door handles and a flashy black cherry paint job. wowwwwwww !

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time Flys

Time sure flys when your busy !!! Since I last did the blog. Tornadoes tor thru New Hartford w a friends house shredded. Several friend and family filled a Huge truck with goodies for those in need there.

Flooding caused trouble from one end of Ia to the other with more friends and family fighting that mess.

Most of the Gang went north and we closed up the family home.

Here: Hubby and I have taken up Motorcycling!! yes we have helmets. So far we haven't gone to far we take a ride do b'fast or lunch and come home again.

The garden is growing, Diva loves setting out there watching over it.

The 5 quilts shown went to eastern Ia. for some women's help. The red one is lady bugs. It was the most fun to make.

Have a fun summer ~~~K

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Favorite Quilts

Look what I found in a box of pics tucked away::
Broken Star quilt 2000-2001

MaryJanes Quilt, My take on an Amish flavor

Gift Baskets From all the chatters, at KC 99

Organized by Nancy, blocks were made round the world!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


This past week we did a road trip to Paducah, Ky !
We went to see the town, NOT the ZOO of the International Quilt Show.
We went to Hancocks of Paducah fabric store, like a warehouse of designer fabrics with designer prices.
We went down town to the river history of the city. Nice restored old buildings.
Elenor Burns has a shop there.. I did buy some fabric and enjoyed her samples on the walls.
From there we explored the quilt museum. It had wonderful artsy, complicated, masterpiece quilts.
The nicest part was cruising the big park with the trees in bloom ! Wish you were there Lin.
Coming home, was heavy rain and the roads we chose going far around St Louis and its flooding, were filling up. Anything that could be a mud puddle was !
Its always nice to do a trip... but nice to get home too.
This month a 55 yard roll of batting was delivered. I now have 5 finished Good Deeds ready to go !

Monday, February 18, 2008

shining star

Here's what I've been fussing over since Christmas. This will be the Holiday quilt to be given away by drawing to family next Christmas.
For those that do stash or scrap quilts this ALL fabric from the closet ! 1/3 yd this box.. 1/2 yd my box..... 1/4yd another box.. and the Christmas border print from Nancys box.

Now to get it hand quilted by then !

Part of January was spent making lined grocery/beach totes from donated upholstery fabric. I made 22 bags. We sold some to friends at work. Thank you to those that purchased them. I'm sure they will hold lots of good things for you. I used the proceeds for thread and batting.

Next up, is more Good Deeds that are on hangers in the closet. Its time to get EM done and put them to work.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

quilt gifts

Christmas was very warm this year..

with several quilts made for family gifts.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Crazy January

Its crazy around here

  • both Puters needed pampering big $$

since Monday

  • 4 tornado sirens & spiky hail
  • Tues finally had couple guys come thru to price running a gas line. possibly hook up a gas stove.
  • Wed the sewer backed up flooding my kitchen... on the phone for that thru Home Warranty people and trying to get someone down here..... they finally came today... here for 2 hours ,, rotor routed in 3 directions! to the street.
  • Tim has a doozy cold all week and takin to much RX makes him scatterbrained mumbley,,, all while on the phone with ALL these things..... NUTZ
  • Then the guy next door is getting new shingles.. so they came here for sales pitch, to inspect the roof..... of course some are needed.... call the Ins folks for possible hail damage.
  • Wed nite Tim crashed the truck thru a state sign,, the bumper is hanging, the windshield a million pieces, and the roof and top of windshield have a deep kink. We get that checked out at shop and estimated on Mon.
  • Diva got her hair done and is pretty now. I'm working on a million lil diamonds quilt top and cussing at it, among other things.
  • The rest of Jan is canceled. ~~~~K