Friday, December 19, 2008


hohoho. !!!

I'm making a list.. checking it twice.. actually several lists .

First is Holiday prep... for a quiet day just the two of us on Christmas Day. Mr will be working ,, then sleeping some of it. We will do a ham dinner and pie.

Diva is all decked out with red scarf.. Her hair apt changed till after the New Year... she is a bit of a bag lady right now LOLLL

The boxes that go to Chicago are sent.. the boxes that go to Des Moines Hotel weekend are stacked in the garage. Along with bunches of Groceries to feed the crowd there. Our crowd is growing this year with Jake's engagement to Jade and her daughter Raelle, Neat!

This year has flown by so very fast!!! I just finished the Holiday 08 star quilt,, all while thinking 'wasn't I just sitting here doing Kay's School houses?' The Holiday Star will be passed to new owners at the Hotel.

A good portion of our year was spent with new Bike riding hobby,,, Tim and I rode all over Mo. This past week Sun Dec 14,,, it was 50* plus here and we went out for B'fast on it. Sure cant do that in Iowa ! The weather changed in the afternoon dropping to 30s with sleet.

I kept up the sewing all year long with more Good Deeds and many many shopping totes .( 46) and a few orders to clients.

On the Good Deed Quilts, We gave 3 more this week to the church. Bringing this years total of Good Deed quilts to 15. Not the same as last years marathon,, but good thoughts non the less.

I've also cleaned out the many boxes of donated fabric. Transferring color combos to an Idea Box and the rest to Big bins for better access and storage. 09 Has more quilts coming, Too many Ideas to quit now !

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