Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March Finishes !

  Its been a busy month!  I'm battling a bunch of Spring Fever.. and  fussing around to keep the mind busy  after  couple years of Kid Krapp.

 So a friend requested a Fidget Quilt for her dad w Alzheimer's I hustled to get that done and in the mail. It was a fun project
    In a  current market flyer I spotted cute fabric  for  updating the front room.. as the way with most things by the time I got there the  promotion had changed  or I cant find the product shown.....typical... after  a week of  snooping ALL shops in the area I settled on these  prints.... and got to work.  The blue is for valances in both rooms.
  The Jazzy print with coral is the kitchen valance and pillows.

  Its amazing what you can do with a ruler and pencil !... and sewing machine.

 ... even found some hot pink flannel for the backs of the pillows.....

  I cant change the red rug .. but I lightened up the rest the place.

  I started doing the Pinterst thing.. What a time consuming deal.. but also what an amazing source of ideas!
 This is a child size quilt.
  Over course of the month I set up The Dare Quilt from Nancy... (I need a better name for it )...
 .. But I got brave,, I  scanned pinterest for a few ideas and how to.. The jumped in !!
 Its by NO Means a Show Quilt.. but I had fun doodling on it.

 We will go on the premis that Finished is Best!

  Ive been organizing a few closets,, and the stash bins down stairs were snooped thru. Im finding bundles of  colors for inspiration.. along with Old projects in baggies that are calling me...

The inspiration here is a Salesman sample card with  nice floral.  I used everything imaginable of those colors.

 This is a nice lap Size quilt
 .. From another Baggie with pink & green strips a RailFence quilt was assembled.  I had cut this out as a kit for the RV back in 09- 10?? when we purchased the RV.

 Easter was a quiet day with Party for Two.

We finished the month with a visit from Nancy.. Lots of sewing ,, shared ideas,, chatter,,
We can FIX the world in a matter of 3 days in our talks !

One of our topics fell into using  the stash.. and where it all goes.. WHO needs  quilts.. Where to send the GoodDeeds.. Well theres  no end in sight of places to donate. That's a fact.  But mention was made of the Shriners Hospitals.

I'm thinking this is the Year for the Shriners.

My new roll of batting is just the right width to use for kid quilts.
 I have plenty of ideas and time.....

 I will still take donations of cotton fabrics or larger yardage & sheets for the backing..
Buzz me if you have cotton fabrics !!