Monday, February 18, 2008

shining star

Here's what I've been fussing over since Christmas. This will be the Holiday quilt to be given away by drawing to family next Christmas.
For those that do stash or scrap quilts this ALL fabric from the closet ! 1/3 yd this box.. 1/2 yd my box..... 1/4yd another box.. and the Christmas border print from Nancys box.

Now to get it hand quilted by then !

Part of January was spent making lined grocery/beach totes from donated upholstery fabric. I made 22 bags. We sold some to friends at work. Thank you to those that purchased them. I'm sure they will hold lots of good things for you. I used the proceeds for thread and batting.

Next up, is more Good Deeds that are on hangers in the closet. Its time to get EM done and put them to work.