Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here is a pic of Cracker and Diva playing, They both like to tease each other.
I cant say I got alot DONE this week. but it has been an eventful week !
In the mail I recvd a $ card from Sonia in Iowa, a classmate of Shells. Thank you so much !! Sonia. We visited Walmart fabric dept and finished a bolt of the wide muslin for the backings. When it warms up just a bit I'll be back in the garage basting more tops !
I had a lightbulb moment when I ran across a school house quilt pattern in the spring web issue for QUILT magazine. This will be a quilt for a cousin in CO that lives in a renovated school house. ,, cool !
I also recvd an email from a past ebay customer that read the journal and she will be helping too ! I'm making her couple tops and will use toss the income into the good deed fund.
This weekend is the superbowl.... I will be marathon sewing, hemming and munchies along with the game. ~~~~~ enjoy ~~K

Friday, January 26, 2007

Plugging Away

Im plugging away. Each quilt needs to go thru the differant steps.

First the piecing with all the colors and puzzle shapes.
Then a good starch to glue all the seams down on the back. Followed by Time out in the cold garage laying out all the layers of backing, batting, and top to baste with a million safety pins.
NOW The machine is set up with the walking foot for the quilting and attaching the binding.
I need to get both those steps done on ALL these tops, in order to add them to the Hem pile. I should start hemming during Oprah's show.

The past week I used 20 hrs, bringing the total to 263. This weekend will be more basting , quilting, and hemming till I get this whole batch DONE. Wish you all were here ! a henparty I mean a HEMparty,,,, ahahalolll ~~~~K

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Tim did pics for me today ! Here are the tops pieced in Jan so far. This is a patriotic one using squares with sashing.

We have TWO of this star with differant bright borders. Linda helped with the bright borders on this and the following top.

This is a very bright Gypsey top made using left over ebay blocks that didn't sell.

This is a earthy stain glass top using left over blocks from ebay.

There are 2 of this muted pink, green, vanilla top. Scraps in a variety colors are from both Nancy's box and mine.

We have THREE of this hot pink top with fabric from Kay! and the floral border from Nancy.

This light house panel was in Nancy's box.

There are TWO of this very bright top, paper pieced with phone book pages and small left over ebay scraps. The border is flamingos. We have another of the same with green and yellows.

This is another panel from Nancys box. Thanks Nancy!! Winter Hibernating gets things DONE! ~~enjoy ~~K

Friday, January 19, 2007


Its feels like an Iowa winter here now. !!

Last Friday we went to town it was 48 when we left at 8 am, by 10 am we headed back home the temp dropped to 31 and it was misty pebbley snowing out! by noon the schools were closing, The small grocery store ran out of carts for the customers! I had a roast on and We were snuggling in for the long winter rest! ahahaha! ( thats why we have quilts!)


It snowed. It rained. It sleeted, the roads closed, Any and all activity was canceled on the TV. And they didn't come out till wednesday!

Hibernating here involved LOTS of quilting and hemming the tops.

I stitched 28 hours this week. Bringing the total up to 243 hrs.
We have hit the $108 mark. I still have 3 boxes of colored fabric to use on the topsides. Ive spent on backing, batting and thread.

We have 6 DONEDONEDONE!!, 3 basted, 6 tops, 6 started= 21 quilts in progress. Ill try to get Tim to help with pics of the newer ones so you can all see the colors.

Oh yes, and the news has talk of more winter on its way this weekend.
Feels like Iowa or what??


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good Mail

I had Good Mail today.

After cleaning the house cuz I ran out of batting. I was just sitting down when The door bell rang !

It was the PO man with a box !!!

Lin sent a box with fabric and $ card and holiday pics.

Thanks Lin, for the goodie box!!! Im cutting already on the bright yellow and the med blue !! I had those colors bindings on the shopping list.... so it just what I needed. Altho its a toss up choice to use them as bindings or cut something NEW, but the machine is rigged with walking foot for bindings and quilting this week.

The other fabrics are great too.. you had fun shopping ! The $ card will for sure be put to good use also.. a sale on thread FRI ! I used 4 big spools this week ! and another sale on MON. Ill think of something for then too.

It looks like Jan will be quilting and hemming the bindings. I sure wish Gramma was here.. she liked hemming!

Time spent this week was 15hrs totaling 215. I actually finished ONE, so now can say the 'DONE pile' is started. The others in process will start landing there soon.

get-R-done ~~K

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

small help

Diva worn out from all the quilting help!


Tim built a table with saw horses under it for basting. Its been a wonderfull help this week.. We have basted and quilted 7 tops!!

Fri I have coupons for Joanns and a list of stuff for bindings. I mail ordered 45 yards! of batting since the 10 yd roll disapeared in less than a week.

I noticed that one of the border fabrics (bears) is from Aunt Inez's box. Ive had that fabric awhile and now its found a good place.

I guess pooor me should clean house tomorrow, since I can't shop and Ive used up all the batting I had.

OR I Could Quilt on MY things.

hmmmm choices.....~~K

Friday, January 5, 2007


Im enjoying working on the new table Tim built. Its 4 x 8 smooth plywood on saw horses. A much easier way of basting the tops then rearranging the dining room and crawling on the floor.

Wednesday we did shopping at Joanns... and got 10 yd batting and 7 yd wide muslin for the back sides and several spools of thread...blew $50.
I really need to watch the coupons for there, Things are more my price line when I get 40% OFF!

Ive been busy and have 3 basted with the new batting. Two of those are quilted !! waiting for the edgeing to be hemmed. Its a process I dont care for and the slowest part of this game. blah humbug....

Shell says I should keep track of the hours I spend on this project. With counting the tops so far and the almost tops in the basket Ill start at 200 hrs.

Ill tally them on Fridays,, this week will be 213 hours so far.
Ill be excited when I can start piling them up on the finshed end... DONE.

Diva is a quilter. She likes dragging things away. I had a small nest of strips she had tugged to the corner, and emty thread spool, My slipper, my drop cord, and small cotton ball tuffts of batting! After all that work she curled up in the box of scraps. ~~~~~~~K

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year !

Its official.... this is the start of this Good Deed Quilt project.

I've got a head start.. with 11 quilt tops ready for batting!
plus 7 Quilt tops need borders!..
plus 3 quilt tops that are blocks ready to assemble!

Hows that for a goal of 30 !!!!

Im sure I'll slow down with the quilting and binding. Thats not so fun.
And Im sure Ill keep on going till the funds and fabric dry up.

The big pink fabric from Kay has done its duty!. It is on the back side of one and makes up pink stars on FOUR others. Nancy's pink and blue floral went with it on those also.

Wednesday is go to town day.. I'll get several bulk rolls of batting
and many yards of wide muslin for the back sides.

Tim is building a table to baste them on...Very Handy!
It will be the 'Camp David Quilt Factory'

This is the mission for the New year along with emails to those involved, and a GET OFF the couch chant. ~~~~~~~ enjoy! K