Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good Mail

I had Good Mail today.

After cleaning the house cuz I ran out of batting. I was just sitting down when The door bell rang !

It was the PO man with a box !!!

Lin sent a box with fabric and $ card and holiday pics.

Thanks Lin, for the goodie box!!! Im cutting already on the bright yellow and the med blue !! I had those colors bindings on the shopping list.... so it just what I needed. Altho its a toss up choice to use them as bindings or cut something NEW, but the machine is rigged with walking foot for bindings and quilting this week.

The other fabrics are great too.. you had fun shopping ! The $ card will for sure be put to good use also.. a sale on thread FRI ! I used 4 big spools this week ! and another sale on MON. Ill think of something for then too.

It looks like Jan will be quilting and hemming the bindings. I sure wish Gramma was here.. she liked hemming!

Time spent this week was 15hrs totaling 215. I actually finished ONE, so now can say the 'DONE pile' is started. The others in process will start landing there soon.

get-R-done ~~K

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