Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year !

Its official.... this is the start of this Good Deed Quilt project.

I've got a head start.. with 11 quilt tops ready for batting!
plus 7 Quilt tops need borders!..
plus 3 quilt tops that are blocks ready to assemble!

Hows that for a goal of 30 !!!!

Im sure I'll slow down with the quilting and binding. Thats not so fun.
And Im sure Ill keep on going till the funds and fabric dry up.

The big pink fabric from Kay has done its duty!. It is on the back side of one and makes up pink stars on FOUR others. Nancy's pink and blue floral went with it on those also.

Wednesday is go to town day.. I'll get several bulk rolls of batting
and many yards of wide muslin for the back sides.

Tim is building a table to baste them on...Very Handy!
It will be the 'Camp David Quilt Factory'

This is the mission for the New year along with emails to those involved, and a GET OFF the couch chant. ~~~~~~~ enjoy! K

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CraftyPretender said...

you've been busy!!!!

I also made a big cross stitch finish for JAn 1. Happy new year to all of you!!!