Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Tim did pics for me today ! Here are the tops pieced in Jan so far. This is a patriotic one using squares with sashing.

We have TWO of this star with differant bright borders. Linda helped with the bright borders on this and the following top.

This is a very bright Gypsey top made using left over ebay blocks that didn't sell.

This is a earthy stain glass top using left over blocks from ebay.

There are 2 of this muted pink, green, vanilla top. Scraps in a variety colors are from both Nancy's box and mine.

We have THREE of this hot pink top with fabric from Kay! and the floral border from Nancy.

This light house panel was in Nancy's box.

There are TWO of this very bright top, paper pieced with phone book pages and small left over ebay scraps. The border is flamingos. We have another of the same with green and yellows.

This is another panel from Nancys box. Thanks Nancy!! Winter Hibernating gets things DONE! ~~enjoy ~~K

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Shell said...

Hi Karyl!

I love the new pictures!! It's a wonderful and generous project and I know some lucky children will find comfort and love wrapped up in your cozy quilts!!

Love you,