Friday, January 26, 2007

Plugging Away

Im plugging away. Each quilt needs to go thru the differant steps.

First the piecing with all the colors and puzzle shapes.
Then a good starch to glue all the seams down on the back. Followed by Time out in the cold garage laying out all the layers of backing, batting, and top to baste with a million safety pins.
NOW The machine is set up with the walking foot for the quilting and attaching the binding.
I need to get both those steps done on ALL these tops, in order to add them to the Hem pile. I should start hemming during Oprah's show.

The past week I used 20 hrs, bringing the total to 263. This weekend will be more basting , quilting, and hemming till I get this whole batch DONE. Wish you all were here ! a henparty I mean a HEMparty,,,, ahahalolll ~~~~K

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