Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Overview

 ~~for some reason  the tune in my head is the  1812 overture. loll !!! ~~

 and so for this years events.  happenings.  accomplishments, good things.. !

 2013 had ALOT less happening than 2012 !

 with Tim retired now, our days are starting to find a routine. .. maybe. sorta....

Jacob had his neck brace removed, was walking wonderful and looking  toward working again !
 I stitched up a box full of red white blue for  Quilts of Valor
     1 given local
      5 sent to  Alycia in CO

We  tried to start garden seeds here at home in the basement.  with varied results.
I started the Christmas 13  quilt.
 We had 9" snow may 5th and a very wet Rainy season.
 I worked on whole cloth white quilt for Kelsey.

 We spent a week in the RV at Nashua park.. a wonderful pretty water view park
I rounded up quilts to start doing Fairs again after being away 14 yrs.

 I displayed quilt at several Fairs in the area and came home with a Plaque $50. and 21 ribbons.
 We stated canning.
Family camp out with 3 campers full of sisters and extras - fun !

  I participated in a block drive for Quilts of Valor. sent to Colo.
We canned and ate as much Garden as it produced !

 Started 2nd whole cloth white quilt for 3rd grand baby.
 filled the shelves in the basement with canning goods.

 A week in Des Moines with the RV at the AQS quilt show.
canning apples n more apples
 welcomed Henry  to the world

 marathon stitching . realty of Its Not done yet !!
 Bday with  Sisters weekend

quiltquiltquilt !
 hibernate the cold  & snowy days.

good deeds 3
Quilts of Valor 9
baby quilts 4
family quilts 4
Tx Lady 34

I  hope for more good deeds  in '2014. I'm still  at it.   I still have too many ideas.. Hopefully I get  lil better organized with my days
.........retirement 1/2 as much $$  twice as much Hubby................ ROFL

ChristmasStar 2013

The pattern was spotted on the back of a current Quiltmaker magazine and it listed a prior edition several years past... sooo.  I  sweet talked all the girl freinds to see if someone had that magazine on the shelf.  YES !!    I thank DonnaS for loaning me her magazine with the pattern. We drove all over the country side for  just the right colors . To Clear Lake,  Osage,  Forest City, Garner, and Mason  !
With some sun shiny late winter days with the  door open   I cut and I cut...

  and sewed all the funky angles.... and cut some more............ and sewed till late hrs. averaging 6-10 hrs  in a day...

. finally there were units to  connect together and the design starts to emerge..
 ta daaa!!. a snowflake !
 and then the rows go together.........
 This method is called paper piecing, all the tiny bits are sewn to the paper,,,,  then its  ripped off !. billions of  paper bits!
 the rows were laid out on the floor. I love this big house with its large floor space !.  The miles of borders were sewn...

 finally its all together! I have a table in the basement perfect for spreading the quilt tops flat. Tim helps me baste with 100's  of pins.
  I use an Ulmer brand quilting frame. It folds up when not in use. It is ez to load a section at  a time for  quilting. I usually pin a large extension to the edges  so  I'm able to quilt to the very edge.

Our family holiday party and the  raffle  is coming up soon.  I had Tim help me with so many jobs during this process  He pinned, cooked, made beds,  tended puppies, poked and prodded me. Some days even sent me to bed after being hunched over too many hrs !
 ... close up of all the detailed hand quilting...
 Dec 31   finally adding casing tube for hanging ! and testing it out !
  the perfect display wall...........DONE!.. now we can party !!! Its New Years Eve !!

 I  think Ill sort thru all the patterns I've saved over the past few month plus all the colors Ive gathered since last summer. ..  to sketch, dream,, fondle, and plan the next quilt. There's always a next !!!