Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Overview

 ~~for some reason  the tune in my head is the  1812 overture. loll !!! ~~

 and so for this years events.  happenings.  accomplishments, good things.. !

 2013 had ALOT less happening than 2012 !

 with Tim retired now, our days are starting to find a routine. .. maybe. sorta....

Jacob had his neck brace removed, was walking wonderful and looking  toward working again !
 I stitched up a box full of red white blue for  Quilts of Valor
     1 given local
      5 sent to  Alycia in CO

We  tried to start garden seeds here at home in the basement.  with varied results.
I started the Christmas 13  quilt.
 We had 9" snow may 5th and a very wet Rainy season.
 I worked on whole cloth white quilt for Kelsey.

 We spent a week in the RV at Nashua park.. a wonderful pretty water view park
I rounded up quilts to start doing Fairs again after being away 14 yrs.

 I displayed quilt at several Fairs in the area and came home with a Plaque $50. and 21 ribbons.
 We stated canning.
Family camp out with 3 campers full of sisters and extras - fun !

  I participated in a block drive for Quilts of Valor. sent to Colo.
We canned and ate as much Garden as it produced !

 Started 2nd whole cloth white quilt for 3rd grand baby.
 filled the shelves in the basement with canning goods.

 A week in Des Moines with the RV at the AQS quilt show.
canning apples n more apples
 welcomed Henry  to the world

 marathon stitching . realty of Its Not done yet !!
 Bday with  Sisters weekend

quiltquiltquilt !
 hibernate the cold  & snowy days.

good deeds 3
Quilts of Valor 9
baby quilts 4
family quilts 4
Tx Lady 34

I  hope for more good deeds  in '2014. I'm still  at it.   I still have too many ideas.. Hopefully I get  lil better organized with my days
.........retirement 1/2 as much $$  twice as much Hubby................ ROFL

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