Thursday, December 29, 2011

End of the Year Tally

Its the end of the year and the news shows and talk shows all talk about what the past year has held,, has accomplished, ~Happenings in our lives....

Jan we had lots of snow in Mo, I did plenty of sewing on the GoodDeeds.

Feb was a new adventure of a cruise, the many Ocean blues made for a quilt afterwards. Grandson Carson had his first birthday ! We came home from there with an Big Beastly RV.

March was shoulder surgery for Tim and many hrs of rehab.

April was a finish it up month with several quilts out the door. More rehab.

May was Jake's 30 Birthday, boy time flys !

June My 14 yr old hearing aid croaked. I was forced to accept that technology has gone backwards in that area....

July We took the RV to Iowa for Aaron's Birthday. Lori joined us w her rig and we attended 35 yr class reunion. End of July I got mad and tried a different hearing aid again..

Aug Tim's brother Don was here few days. Tim also took a trip to Montana to see his brother Charlie. I was still fussing this hearing aid...

Sept We did some camping at places that had pools for relief. I was a hermit working at canning goodies from the garden and filling the days with sewing. We hit the jackpot at a rummage sale for guilty fabrics adding 100 yds to the stash!

Oct was busy with a visit from Nancy then a trip thru Iowa for a family wedding and farther north to Chicago to try to visit Tim's son.

Nov We celebrated my birthday and anniversary with sisters here.

Dec was another finish it up month for the GoodDeeds with the year coming to a close I needed to increase the number !

I'm gearing up for 2012 with a few ideas tucked aside and BIG stash to work from !

Good Deed totals for
2011 ~21
2010 ~ 39
2009 ~ 28
2008 ~ 15
2007 ~ 42

Happy New Year !! make it count !~~ Karyl & Tim

Friday, December 23, 2011

Deck the Halls

Both sisters came up for my birthday after Thanksgiving. So while pacing/ waiting.. I got the tree up and the lights on. Then while Lin & I made supper. .. somebody came to snoop presents !

.................caught in the act even !

..................... is that guilt??? or pride??? LOLLL

(( just how cute is she?)))

Cracker is quiet on the sideline watching the action.

Diva admiring the tree

~~ Merry Christmas !

A Fall Day At Home

There's always a few projects to do after B'fast !

Tim playing with some ribs for supper later...

.. slow foods??

.... work in the garden. Our tomatoes lasted in the garden till 11/14.. and in the garage till 12/10 !!

... theres always crap off this dm tree to clean up. if its not outside its stuck to Divas tail and brought inside. a hand full at a time..

... but it has interesting like a puzzle type nuts

It will continue shedding till spring ! We don't have this tree in Iowa.

The yard was raked yesterday, this is just the piles from the gutters. We don't clean gutters in DEC in Iowa.

.... ribs still cooking ......... slowly..........

Diva......... supervising.........

Tim on his time off..........

xox ..........when he is not 'put to work"
: p

It takes many hands to do Good Deeds !

and my spot most days........

..... so is this, what retirement will be??

A Very Busy Fall

Im playing catch up ! We did a big trip to Iowa in Oct for a family wedding.

Kelsey & Shaun said I DO !

Tim and Carson looked very spiffy !

Raelle was her lovely beautiful self

From the wedding we traveled north to Chicago for a couple days.

Its a long drive up there! We wandered a couple quilt shops, drove around the city killing lots of time. We did spend one evening with Tim's son and family going out for pizza to celebrate a birthday !

~~ Freeze !~

We came home to a pretty bunch of roses. This is the most productive lil bush.