Friday, February 12, 2016

Christmas 2016 Quilt

  Thanksgiving weekend  was a big fabric sale,,,  I had sketched the design  tested out my assembly. Then went shopping !

 this method uses a large print and the repeats are layered and pinned together...
 ....of course I goofed.....let's call it  being creative...
 with stacks of  matching prints,  it's cut carefully...
  this is very cool  to watch it all come together  !
 .... each one has a different variation...
 . when the wind is howling and its -14 below I'm NOT going anywhere !  This is where I'll park la' butt .

  Remember the miss cut.............  ahemmmm  Creativity !

 Its not quilted yet,,, It is still  waiting for a bright idea moment......

JANUARY 2016 Finishes

  I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !  so with the resolution to keep this blog up to date this year ,,, Here is  Januarys progress...

 I did the Bonnie Hunter quiltville mystery with instructions given every week till finished... its HUGE, she uses many many scraps and many many pieces.
  We got dolled up for a date  night,,,  that deserves a  new pic  !
 Christmas 2016 quilt was sketched and started..

  This was Plan A of a new quilt using batiks.. you sew big panels of color,,, then slice it up... when you  straighten the edge it makes a neat curve,, bargello style... then with each piece numbered  you re assemble.. for some reason my fabric buckled and bowed and ticked me off..  made me fuss,,,,,,,,,, sooooooo Onto Plan B.. I recut it all while Nancy was here and will do a braid with the  leftovers.........  gotta have a plan B ,, LOLL

  We've had a fair amount of snow to keep us  hibernating,,, and snooping TX reality and Park sites while the wind blows.... The RV looks sad  setting there  snowbound and the gate piled with snow.
 Our Deck and fencing is a work of art.

  Here's the combined finishes  of January.  The Christmas '16 is not quilted yet.  The Quiltville Mystery next in line to be  quilted. The pink and green is made of  upholstery and curtain samples, something new to work with! On the floor  are the Three batiks quilts made with  Hoffman International Fabrics they donated,  now  quilted and ready for use.

  and then there's a bit of quiet time....  sketching dreaming  of new color combos,   wishing for spring... Yet savoring the  hibernation and sewing time.......Cheeers ! my Dears !