Sunday, July 18, 2010

July Projects

It Feels like summer is flying past us in a big hurry ! Maybe that's just the Iowa in me since it stays warm down here thru Sept. Ive been sewing right along with the Holiday Tops, making two of them this year. The pattern book is more detailed than I'm used to, but the end result is pretty snazzy.

Here are the tease pics:

Over the 4th we attended a picnic with people from Tim's church. Had a pretty good time. The MR of that house tills my garden. While at their place I admired their garden. huge! well done and surely producing many goodies!

The week following we spent in Iowa with a rented RV. Oh boy ... It rattled and banged and was a lumber wagon ! The interior needed more help than I could give it.

We had a Great time with my boys, their ladys, and Raelle & baby Carson, sisters and families, 'almost sisters', & Old neighbors. A busy busy week !

This is what I found when we got home ! Lots of garden goodies!

I canned several qts of pickles and 4 lil pints of beans, plus crock of beans for suppers this week. Yesterday I picked a basket of tomatoes for an Italian meal tonite.

I started a summer quilt top while camping, useing barbie pinks, Margarita greens, lemonade yellows, and beachy red. I'll work on that today while watching the rain water my garden for me.

~~enjoy the summer! dont melt !~K