Saturday, June 29, 2013

Worth County Fair and Short RV Trip

 We did the  Worth County Fair...  There were several quilts there, but I didn't care for the judging...  The woman never looked at the backs. She never examined the binding..  She didn't check points...   between eating the  various brownies and cookies from the  food dept around the corner,  The Judge and her helpers while  licking  their fingers simply held the tops up said I like or I don't like..... and then gave a lil red or blue sticker ~ like a kindergarten work sheets type sticker. NO ribbons ~~~!!!

  Finally the sun came out for a few days in a row !!  We quikly packed up and  found a nice park... as always the machine goes with me.....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June !

   All of May was busy  ! First we got the RV tuned up inspected for the year. We also spent t a  few days getting the garden planted ! and the yard cleaned up form our 'Late winter. The remainder of the  month included trips to  Des Moines,  Eldora- Pine Lake with Beast and  wild weather, also off to Kansas City for graduation party.
  Now that we are home. For the month of June,  I'm catching up on current projects,,  6 Belize blue feathered stars for a commission  in TX.
 ....... theres many many lil  stinkin triangles  in this quilt here they are chained off the table and pooling on the floor. ...400 or so !
  I 've found a sewing table that is portable and a very nice Height.  This week I'm sewing near the PC while keeping up on a family event.
  The next big project is a whole cloth quilt for expected baby in July. that's getting closer !!!
  It always amazes me how a simple humble piece of muslin can be transformed with  mere  pencil and needle & thread................ plus couple hundred hours.
  I'm working on this project in the front room while watching too much news.
  Every now n then I have to get up , stretch, walk around and  cheer along all the  garden goodies that have been planted. We have tucked seeds in all the  various beds around the  new house.   Near the garage we have chard  and cabbage .. still very small.

  at the  street side we planted bushy green beans in amongst  some  wild things from  previous owners.
   The backyard bed has wide rows planted to  try out the digger Santa brought me..
 new toys !
  Along the fence line  in a wide bed are the tomato........ 30 of them..  I'm in the mood to can this year,,,,Heres to  Good Iowa Dirt !!!