Sunday, February 25, 2007


Another week gone by.... We will name this one The Oscars simply because its on at the moment. The dogs and I are closed in the office here watching and hand quilting on my winter quilt watching the fancy dresses. Diva can't get into trouble back here !

After couple days of not functioning from PT... I got back to work on Thurs and in the garage to baste 4 quilts. Fri, Sat, Sun I got them quilted and hemmed.

I also basted Kay's big school house top and accomplished a whole hour of hand quilting.

This weeks total time is up to 305 hrs with Four Good Deed Quilts in the new DONE pile !

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Busy Weekend

The quilts are OUT the door !!! the gal came yesterday and snatched up 2 fat boxes full of 10 quilts. Now its time to get a new stack ready. I think I will pass the next batch to local Linus around KC.

I'm hoping for couple warm days to be out in the garage and baste tops. I have several on hangers ready for the next step.

I worked steady yesterday and have 3 school house tops done !! One for family.. and two for Good Deeds. Today I'll do borders on couple feathered stars that didn't sell on Ebay. ~~~ enjoy ~K

Friday, February 16, 2007

School House Quilts

Its snowing again !!! Which is fine here I'm not going anywhere!
I'm busy building school houses. 24 red school houses are done, ready to set into sashing and grow from there into quilt tops! I'm doing one for Kay in Co. I'm doing two more for the Good Deeds. If I stay at it they will all be tops by Sunday night.

We are looking forward to the Linus Person coming Tomorrow (sat aft)
and giving her 10 quilts to put to work. Hope the snow doesn't make her wait another week.

I fussed on the school houses 12 hours this week, bring the total to 275 hrs.

~~~~~ K

Monday, February 12, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quilts OUT the door!

Princess and the Pea
Miss Diva Darlin Posing on top of a stack of TEN quilts
before they go out the door!
well No body showed up.. a day of waiting shot

Friday, February 9, 2007

A Week


Its been a busy week. but not all that time was spent on actual sewing of Good Deed Quilts.
The past weeknd was SuperBowl, with Many ladys I chat with doing a 'sewingsuperbowlmadness marathon' (say that fast !!!) I hemmed two quilts . Plus during this madness I got FIVE Pink Feathered Stars DONE. They were mailed To Susan in TX on Tuesday. The profits will go in the Good deed fund. Thanks Susan.
I've also got the cutting for Two School House quilts done and will start sewing them today.
Thank You to Kay in Co for this project.
I think its very wonderful how this has branched out, and bloomed with help from so many locations. Amazing.
I had a reality check yesterday, with a note from sister requesting a quilt for a sick teenager. Its hard knowing where these are going,,, and for what. WAY WAY More than just my playing with the colors and filling empty hours........
. ....and so I mailed my first quilt today with small blessings from all of you that helped make this project reality. thank you.
I have 10 finished quilts in a stack in the back room. Tim just got off the phone with local Linus lady, She will pick them up Sunday afternoon.
Its time to get these quilts out in the world,, They have a job to do ! ~~~~~~ K