Thursday, January 13, 2011

NewsYears HOHOHO

Carson & Raelle
Dec went fast ! Jan is going even faster ! here is the late scoop of the family Christmas happening on NewYears. Three sisters relaxing after all the food, giftys, noise ,wrapping paper, ectect was done . ~~ cheers and good things for 2011 ! It was Carsons 1st Christmas, ribbons are good things !. cookies are too !

.. and the annual Christmas Quilt got started late April then inspired me to make TWO.. they called out their own Owners of Jake and Aaron to
care for them.

Both Quilts are styled after Frank LLoyd Write house windows.
Aaron's quilt on the left is based on the Darwin D Martin House , Tree of Life in Buffalo, New York, 1904.

Jake's quilt on the right is based on Charles Ennis House in Los Angels, Calif. in 1924- 26.

I named the quilts 'Frost On Franks Windows' due to a glazed icy colored fabric used in the white space.

I'm currently stitching madly on a MilleniumQuilt or '2000 stinkinSquares'.. I haven't counted how many were used yet, tho there are many left in the box ! ........