Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Here is the start of our goodies. along with a box of groc in the garage. No one will leave hungry.

Along with Thanksgiving is my Bday and Anniv ! I have sent out
many many invites and will end up with 12 at the table.

The sisters and I will get out the china.... eat cake..... get loud..... maybe even shop. I see Kohls is opening at FOUR AM !!! crazy. Tempted to go there just to see how many showed up... makes me NUTZ too !

We covered the miles this fall.. with a trip up the river to Linda's then on up to Chicago for Kayla's bday end of Oct. First week of Nov sent us across to KC and fight to Vegas !! We celebrated there with the Circus Soleil show Mystere`

The show was great... the streets of Vegas crazy with people.. we didn't gamble much so didn't bring any home either.

It was a nice drive viewing the leaves across the many miles. Wonderful color. I came home and stitched up Two tops using fall colors.

I have sewn non stop Oct thru Dec on family and client items. Jan will be NON stop on Good Deeds !!! I have several tops on hangers in the closet. and several Ideas set aside in a box.

Gobblegobble savor Your Thanksgiving ~~~~~~~ K