Thursday, December 29, 2011

End of the Year Tally

Its the end of the year and the news shows and talk shows all talk about what the past year has held,, has accomplished, ~Happenings in our lives....

Jan we had lots of snow in Mo, I did plenty of sewing on the GoodDeeds.

Feb was a new adventure of a cruise, the many Ocean blues made for a quilt afterwards. Grandson Carson had his first birthday ! We came home from there with an Big Beastly RV.

March was shoulder surgery for Tim and many hrs of rehab.

April was a finish it up month with several quilts out the door. More rehab.

May was Jake's 30 Birthday, boy time flys !

June My 14 yr old hearing aid croaked. I was forced to accept that technology has gone backwards in that area....

July We took the RV to Iowa for Aaron's Birthday. Lori joined us w her rig and we attended 35 yr class reunion. End of July I got mad and tried a different hearing aid again..

Aug Tim's brother Don was here few days. Tim also took a trip to Montana to see his brother Charlie. I was still fussing this hearing aid...

Sept We did some camping at places that had pools for relief. I was a hermit working at canning goodies from the garden and filling the days with sewing. We hit the jackpot at a rummage sale for guilty fabrics adding 100 yds to the stash!

Oct was busy with a visit from Nancy then a trip thru Iowa for a family wedding and farther north to Chicago to try to visit Tim's son.

Nov We celebrated my birthday and anniversary with sisters here.

Dec was another finish it up month for the GoodDeeds with the year coming to a close I needed to increase the number !

I'm gearing up for 2012 with a few ideas tucked aside and BIG stash to work from !

Good Deed totals for
2011 ~21
2010 ~ 39
2009 ~ 28
2008 ~ 15
2007 ~ 42

Happy New Year !! make it count !~~ Karyl & Tim

Friday, December 23, 2011

Deck the Halls

Both sisters came up for my birthday after Thanksgiving. So while pacing/ waiting.. I got the tree up and the lights on. Then while Lin & I made supper. .. somebody came to snoop presents !

.................caught in the act even !

..................... is that guilt??? or pride??? LOLLL

(( just how cute is she?)))

Cracker is quiet on the sideline watching the action.

Diva admiring the tree

~~ Merry Christmas !

A Fall Day At Home

There's always a few projects to do after B'fast !

Tim playing with some ribs for supper later...

.. slow foods??

.... work in the garden. Our tomatoes lasted in the garden till 11/14.. and in the garage till 12/10 !!

... theres always crap off this dm tree to clean up. if its not outside its stuck to Divas tail and brought inside. a hand full at a time..

... but it has interesting like a puzzle type nuts

It will continue shedding till spring ! We don't have this tree in Iowa.

The yard was raked yesterday, this is just the piles from the gutters. We don't clean gutters in DEC in Iowa.

.... ribs still cooking ......... slowly..........

Diva......... supervising.........

Tim on his time off..........

xox ..........when he is not 'put to work"
: p

It takes many hands to do Good Deeds !

and my spot most days........

..... so is this, what retirement will be??

A Very Busy Fall

Im playing catch up ! We did a big trip to Iowa in Oct for a family wedding.

Kelsey & Shaun said I DO !

Tim and Carson looked very spiffy !

Raelle was her lovely beautiful self

From the wedding we traveled north to Chicago for a couple days.

Its a long drive up there! We wandered a couple quilt shops, drove around the city killing lots of time. We did spend one evening with Tim's son and family going out for pizza to celebrate a birthday !

~~ Freeze !~

We came home to a pretty bunch of roses. This is the most productive lil bush.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Fun !

Nancy came down from Iowa for a few days ! While we talked till our jaws hurt and stayed up till 3 am,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we did sew some too !!

I started 2 new quilt tops while she was here and finished 4 since she left... Progress !

When I'm NOT sewing the Mr and I cruise around with either the RV or the Bike. This week with the weather so nice its the bike!

I have threatened for couple years now to get some B'witchy socks for out riding.... so I DID, cuz I'm lil warped. (( evil Cackle)))................. LOLLL ~~ Would you notice these as they past you on the road???

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sept projects

This is a portion of the Millennium quilt, It grew so large I split the blocks up and got a 2nd smaller quilt ! The many squares of color were part of a world wide swap by quilters in the chat room I was with at the time. We all packaged up envelopes of 80 bitty squares and mailed them everywhere ! Germany, Australia, Saudi, Japan, every Provence in Canada !

Gina, is a fire victim of a recalled Ceramic firepot, that used a gel fuel, If you have this type product PITCH IT !

2 weeks ago I was blessed with 100+ yds of fabric. Its been folded and fondled, dreamed on, and now put to work !
A large portion of Brights was used in making 3 Confetti quilt tops for the GoodDeed pile.
This weeks quilt colors are Tan, Navy, Wine, Brown,, stay tuned to see what they become...

Diva'Darlin had to be in the pic too

Sunday, September 11, 2011


TheDiva is my happy helper most days

I was fighting to get used to a new hearing aid all of July & August, which makes me b'witchy. and leads to LOTS of sewing. On the ironing board I have 4 blue feathered stars , I also did up 5 lime green ones for a gal in TX.

A local lady that had given me much yardage for backs asked to have a quilt made for her grandbaby. I was inspired to do a wholecloth on satin left from the wedding of her son.
It stitched up really well.

I made 6 red feathered star quilt tops and have 3 listed on ebay at the moment.

I stitched 6 dozen stain glass blocks. They are listed in packs of 12 on ebay at the moment.

seller name is karylsquilts

Today I'm finishing an Irish chain quilt for Gina who was burned badly be a gel fire pot. She was life flighted to the Univ of Ia hospital last week. scary !

These pots were RECALLED in June'11, but not all shops took it off the shelf !!! If you have one of the stoneware ceramic fire pots that use a gel alcohol fuel. ~Pitch It ! ~

Do a google of fire pots warning. I cant seem to get the link to show on here, Please pass this along its important.

Loot !!

(get the full effect,click it twice)

I had a exciting Saturday ! Upon waking up looking outside 7 am I noticed the neighbors were setting up a rummage sale. I don't DO rummage sales I don't need more junk. ... right LOLL.

7:10 I think there might be batting on a table over there. hmmm...
7:14 there are a lot of people wandering around over there. Maybe there is something good..
7:20 I hustle into some clothing and ooops better comb my hair ! and some shoes !
7:30 wander around 3 church tables stacked high with so many prints and hues of color fabrics, threads, quilt books, embroidery parts. Boy this lady had a lot of stuff...and I watch women with hubbys all bit dazed carrying arm loads to the 'clerk' . while I'm trying to guess the pricing on all this stuff/merchandise.
7:45 My Hubby arrives home and sees me over there... then sees the piles of fabric and quilter goodies. OhOH.....
7:50 " HoneyyyMrMano'mine.. . I need some cash.......... lots of cash...

8:03 Both our arms are full. I waltz back across the road with 45 yd of $9 batiks for $35.

~ wow !
but later.....................

The neighbors show up on my door step with Big fat moving box,

The bottom falling out of it... wheeled over on a dolly cause they could not lift it......

filled to the brim with all the leftovers of the day. MORE ! . After sorting it all out I had another 50 yd of quilt cotton fabric, 20+ yd of flannels, a heap of suitings and skirt weights and many yards of satiny silky blouse colors.

. ..of course I cant leave all the crap around the house... Up & down the hallway... Think the 'Hoarders shows' have scared me ! so off to the city to find some bins.

Then to clean closets so the bins have a place. Then I found MORE there!

Last winter I was sent boxes for backing from Kay in AZ, Shell in KS had given me a bag full early spring, Angela had brought a quantity over late spring.. I still had 3 bins of my own and past donations from Lori, Linda,Shirley, Nancy all had to be mixed up, stirred, refolded, fondled, dreamed on, and stashed away in a manner to Make Use Of Soon....

the day was productive with lots of loot and 2 closets rearranged plus I'm motivated again !!
.. next donation burst I would like a few elves...

..a few finished items looking pretty in the corner

........................................................ Im off to sew !