Friday, September 23, 2011

Sept projects

This is a portion of the Millennium quilt, It grew so large I split the blocks up and got a 2nd smaller quilt ! The many squares of color were part of a world wide swap by quilters in the chat room I was with at the time. We all packaged up envelopes of 80 bitty squares and mailed them everywhere ! Germany, Australia, Saudi, Japan, every Provence in Canada !

Gina, is a fire victim of a recalled Ceramic firepot, that used a gel fuel, If you have this type product PITCH IT !

2 weeks ago I was blessed with 100+ yds of fabric. Its been folded and fondled, dreamed on, and now put to work !
A large portion of Brights was used in making 3 Confetti quilt tops for the GoodDeed pile.
This weeks quilt colors are Tan, Navy, Wine, Brown,, stay tuned to see what they become...

Diva'Darlin had to be in the pic too

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