Sunday, September 11, 2011


TheDiva is my happy helper most days

I was fighting to get used to a new hearing aid all of July & August, which makes me b'witchy. and leads to LOTS of sewing. On the ironing board I have 4 blue feathered stars , I also did up 5 lime green ones for a gal in TX.

A local lady that had given me much yardage for backs asked to have a quilt made for her grandbaby. I was inspired to do a wholecloth on satin left from the wedding of her son.
It stitched up really well.

I made 6 red feathered star quilt tops and have 3 listed on ebay at the moment.

I stitched 6 dozen stain glass blocks. They are listed in packs of 12 on ebay at the moment.

seller name is karylsquilts

Today I'm finishing an Irish chain quilt for Gina who was burned badly be a gel fire pot. She was life flighted to the Univ of Ia hospital last week. scary !

These pots were RECALLED in June'11, but not all shops took it off the shelf !!! If you have one of the stoneware ceramic fire pots that use a gel alcohol fuel. ~Pitch It ! ~

Do a google of fire pots warning. I cant seem to get the link to show on here, Please pass this along its important.

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