Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pretty in pink

One of our chat girls got nominated for a PINK
quilt..... taddaaaaaaaa... pretty in pink and Diva inspected.
~~ Happy Birthday Tisha~~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diva's new tricks

I'm spending many hours quilting on the frame of the Holiday'08 quilt.

THIS is where the Diva is hiding!

ALL 3 yr olds like forts!

Who's that Doggy in the window??

We changed the living room around. The Diva found a new perch !
Enjoy the day~~K

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Colors

We have been having ball with the Glorious Fall Colors !
Every drive on the bike we oooh ahhh at the mix and variation of the colors. God was wonderful painter.
Last year with all our drives and trips to the chiro I was inspired to
save and preserve these colors. The quilt top is finished but not quilted yet, however it is in a photo contest.
Tim had fun using the old 35mm at the Landscape shop nearby.

He caught me too!

We did several rides this fall as the weather and colors changed.
Couple trips were for Toy rides with the bike group. This was a new thing for us and very exciting. The Police closed off the route escorting the group of 500+ bikes ! (very noisy) People stood on the porches and cheered. This group gathered a gym full of toys and food donations.
The next week we did a smaller group of only 100 bikes... same escorted parade set up with chili lunch furnished afterwards. This group accumulated 2 trucks full. That's a lot of Good Deeds.