Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blue Progress

A short update on the BLUE quilt blocks. They are assembled into FIVE quilt tops with borders today! along with THREE more BLUE quilt tops tomorrow !!

We will have 8 blue tops from those boxes you ALL shared.

The rest the week will be shopping a couple borders to Jazz the last 3 up. Plus I think both of us will be in the garage basting all these. !

To many hours to count on this batch of tops.... most days were 5 - 8 hrs.
I feel like I have J O B again ... ahahaha pics soon ~~K

Monday, March 26, 2007

Frazzled in Blue

whewww... Taking a break from the BLUE.... I have the BLUES and then some!.. Im singing the BLUES..... and here are the BLUEhoos.....
From another mail list it was suggested to DO something with the predominant color in the stash... Shells box had plenty of Country BLUES plus my stash made for quite the variety of BLUE. We have BOTH worked on this all week.
I think there is plenty of BLUE there for 5- 6 BLUE Quilts... maybe more... We have BLUE piled on the table, BLUE on the buffet, BLUE in a box on the floor, BLUE stacked on the ironing board. Im sewing them all on the Sears BLUE smurf machine, seemed appropriate.
IM sure this will pass !... just have to keep at it.
Mean while the Garden digger guy was here..... We enlarged the spot a couple passes and cruised the garden store this morning for seeds. Between BLUE adventures Ill be playing in the dirt !! enjoy ~~K

Monday, March 19, 2007

MORE Fabric

Today , We came home today to 3 BIG boxes of fabric on the door step !!
****** Thanks Nancy !!!******

For NOT being the usual kind of quilter that buys fabric just because its pretty.... and being one that redrafts her patterns so she buys to the inch or close........ and Used to BRAG about only having 3 lil boxes for extra scrap........ I now have 12 big boxes of fabric.... EEEEEEk!! I cant sew this fast !!!

it All looks good,,, it will All have a use. I see pretty colors, back sides,, neutrals,, boy style.. girl style.. TONS of Good Deeds in those boxes ! I need elves in the night to assemble all my ideas !!

A mail list recently asked quilters to DO something with the predominate color of their stash. One box here had bunches of country blue, so I sorted thru mine and all these other boxes for all the country blue,,,,,, and I cut....... and cut some more. I'm guessing I will have enough gypsey/windowpane blocks to do 5 tops. Give me couple weeks to get it together.

I'm also thinking I need a simple fast good looking pattern that comes out at 42" wide and simple to quilt... still looks nice... so I can use up some of this fabric and get the Good Deeds out the door !.... faster .. Better.... hmmmm..

We got gas for the grill today. Then shivered out there while grilling brats. But hey, Its Spring ~~ K

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its Spring

I think for sure Spring has arrived down here.

An editor of the local paper wrote of wanting to till and plant her garden and the neighbors holding her back !! I feel that urge too But in Iowa we had to wait till mid May. My garden is cleaned off and ready for the tiller guy when ever he thinks its time. We have had all manner of birds in the yard and park. The daffodils are blooming next door. I have even cleaned the closet out of winter sweaters !

On the topic of stitching, I spent this past week on an order for Susan in Tx. Thats been mailed out. Then I basted & quilted 4 Good Deed tops and have the binding ready to hem ! They will go on a short trip to St Louis with us and be hemmed along the route.

I spent 14 hrs with the Good Deeds this week bringing total to 319.

Its been nice to see comments made recently !! I hope to see more!
Take a walk. Watch the season change ! ~~K

Monday, March 5, 2007

In Like a Lion

Its March !! We had fat red robins all over the place the past few days.
We've been setting outside in the swing. The Lil Dogs are digging and having muddy noses. We have contracted to have more cement added to the back patio.

Shell of KC, was here this past week and we had a great time. She brought boxes of fabric from her Club Ladys. The boxes had all styles and colors of fabrics. I see several quilt combinations coming from those boxes !! She also had a dollar card in her pocket, I'm set for a bit !

Shell has been to Iowa recently and had a box from Lin's Neighbor Ladys... again.. bunches of good quilts coming from that box!

Then I got a box from Lori in Ia. with bright fabrics and other colors that are promising more Good Deeds!

Wow this has bloomed, This has grown more than I thought.. Tim and I started this thinking 25 to 30 quilts for the year. I sent a box of FOUR DONE quits home with Shell so she can call her local LINUS folks. This brings the total of 15 DONE quilts out there doing their jobs. I have 4 tops on hangars here, 4 more are basted ready for quilting and all this fabric spread out on the spare bed. WOW... Thanks to all of you... we are on a roll !! ~~~K