Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time Flys

Time sure flys when your busy !!! Since I last did the blog. Tornadoes tor thru New Hartford w a friends house shredded. Several friend and family filled a Huge truck with goodies for those in need there.

Flooding caused trouble from one end of Ia to the other with more friends and family fighting that mess.

Most of the Gang went north and we closed up the family home.

Here: Hubby and I have taken up Motorcycling!! yes we have helmets. So far we haven't gone to far we take a ride do b'fast or lunch and come home again.

The garden is growing, Diva loves setting out there watching over it.

The 5 quilts shown went to eastern Ia. for some women's help. The red one is lady bugs. It was the most fun to make.

Have a fun summer ~~~K