Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Finishes !

 February was a variety of weather from big snow and minus 0 temps.. to 50 and thawing !
 During the big snow  I ordered garden catalogs and fabric flyers to wish for spring growth and bright colors,, even dreamed up a plan to redecorate the front room....  but the pic in the flyer did NOT match what the store had..  my inspiration is on hold for now... nutz
 Carson had a birthday !  a fistful of dollars took the prize over clothing,,,

 The Bonnie Hunter Mystery  of Quiltville.. has been in the works since Thanksgiving with a clue each week..
 ...I finally got it quilted.  I have a peave about quilting that doesn't Fit the quilt,,  the allover designs for some reason they are hard for me to conceive.
As busy as this quilt design is  that is what is called for ,, a big allover quilt stitch.. for ME to DO that I had to set the machine up . backwards,, backing fabric on top,, up sidedown,,  so I guess  even I can learn new tricks  LOLOL!

 Remember this from January..  the black got buggered up,, the sizes didn't follow my thinking.. my design in the ol head didnt come out the same... YOU know how that works ... LOLLL....... sooo Plan B...
  all the pretty batik strips were re cut, reassembled into a braid.    Now to get it quilted!

  These bright colors are all from the donated scrap box.. the pattern called Diappearing Four patch.
  The back side was pieced with common colors and quickly quilted with scraps of batting.  It is DONE and will be a Good Deed

  Last year about this time I was working on a challenge  from Nancy.. a  large bundle of batiks and told to DO something different.... I did

  the time has come to quilt it !   I'm watching pinterest for  finished quilts done by others.. I 've been practicing on the long arm and feeling braver.. so Its now marked.. Thread should arrive today...with some pics of others work beside me Ill make a go at it.

my sewing table was Emty !  Sunday it was time to  start something new... with the last bright one going so well , I thought to  do a country flavor.. with golds , greens,, copper.. toss in some odd size muslin strips from the scrap box.. and we will have a quilt. I stitched while watching hours of pretty dresses go by for the Oscars pre show...

 ... from a four patch to this....  This will also be  GoodDeed when finished

 The family  has  enough quilts ! Yes they Do !.. This year  I'll be sewing for GoodDeeds again.. Wounded Warriors..  Homes for Humanity,, Ronald McDonald hospital kids.. Any where I can find a need.

** I'm taking in fabrics again.. **

clean your closets of excess quilting stash , of anything cotton.. sheets (for backing) ..  sewing scraps... pretty color men's shirts... as long as its cotton !
  I've bought  thread by the 5000yd spools ($50).  I'm collecting large size fabric for backing..
 I've purchased this monster roll of batting.. 66 yards ! ($80) 

  I've got the ideas ! I've got the time..  Just think how many good deeds can be done!