Friday, January 5, 2007


Im enjoying working on the new table Tim built. Its 4 x 8 smooth plywood on saw horses. A much easier way of basting the tops then rearranging the dining room and crawling on the floor.

Wednesday we did shopping at Joanns... and got 10 yd batting and 7 yd wide muslin for the back sides and several spools of thread...blew $50.
I really need to watch the coupons for there, Things are more my price line when I get 40% OFF!

Ive been busy and have 3 basted with the new batting. Two of those are quilted !! waiting for the edgeing to be hemmed. Its a process I dont care for and the slowest part of this game. blah humbug....

Shell says I should keep track of the hours I spend on this project. With counting the tops so far and the almost tops in the basket Ill start at 200 hrs.

Ill tally them on Fridays,, this week will be 213 hours so far.
Ill be excited when I can start piling them up on the finshed end... DONE.

Diva is a quilter. She likes dragging things away. I had a small nest of strips she had tugged to the corner, and emty thread spool, My slipper, my drop cord, and small cotton ball tuffts of batting! After all that work she curled up in the box of scraps. ~~~~~~~K

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