Saturday, October 16, 2010

All in a Day

All in a day ~ Heres my mess.. LOL some quilters have studios, I call that the house. I sew in many places, just bring the tv tray along. I cut on the dining room table. I iron in the spare bedroom. In the winter the quilt frame has couple different spots it migrates to also. ( I have a really good vacumn)

Yesterday I fussed with a pencil and math to design a border for Nancys quilt. After spending the morning stitching it together it just didnt have the 'framing abilty' I wanted in a border so I ripped it off,,~ frog stitch. ripit rippitt!~ This afternoon a new plan was sewn and added to her quilt. This top is done. ( a sneek peek on the chair)

ALL in a week~ Lin and Shell were here few days. After they left the place was way tooo quiet !! Just Diva and the humm of the machine. These 3 stars were finished this week. 2 are comission job. The star w red border is a GoodDeed. Also DO notice the neat Hawiian Pillow from Lin . Neat !

From my Quilter mail list they talked about old projects. I remebered I still had a box of 2 1/2" squares tucked away from swapping 'millenium squares' in '99. This box has moved with me around Ia to Chicago and around MO. Its all there, still in envelopes with a string around the box.
As I open the box and thumb thru scanning the addys on the envelopes I come to a folded up bundle of Xerox pages.. of a pattern called 'rainbow around the world'
It so happens ! today ! I also pulled a book from the shelf with that same pattern with thoughts to use this box of squares finally~ TEN yrs after the fact !

> coincidence??
the pattern is from a book printed in 1994 by Boonslick Trail Quilters a Columbia MO quilt guild in MO. I moved to Columbia MO in 2004. and bought the book at a show 2 yrs ago '08.
Guess what Ill be doing for the next big quilt??! I think 2010 is past due for a Millenium Quilt, I better get busy !


Kay Zahn said...

It's fun to find an old box with something you still like to do. I love the frog style "rip it rip it" I've been there and done that.

I like the Hawaiian pillow. I thought YOU made it ;)

Shirley in Canada said...

OH my gosh,Karyl! I still have all my swap squares too!! I did put 3 together and put it away. I have to see if I have you in my collection!