Monday, September 20, 2010

Country Quilt Project

My pretty pink roses bloom from spring till frost !
Country Quilt Project:
progress so far !
I have so far constructed 3 quilt tops from the Challenge pile. Also shown is the heap of trimmings, Not much gets wasted ! I have one more top setting there waiting to be put together. It will use 1 1/2 inch bits as a border around the larger print center. Whats left at this point is group of neutrals to be used for bindings. I did remove a star print from the beginning group to a group of brights back in the closet.

3 tops finished so far!!

close up of two of them.
I had challenged other quilters to 'Use it till its gone' on the stashbuster list, but no verbal takers. Oh well Ive got 4 tops near done , plus an Idea for a Bright one coming !
Oprah got me started on this with a show challenging folks to make a difference one by one. Ive had lots of help as it bloomed with friends & family getting involved in anyway they could. Recently I put the word out for backside yardage. I got good action back once more ! Thanks for the help !!
To date we have : 25 quilts out the door and a few on hangers in the closet .. 2010 ain't done yet !
28 in '09... 15 in '08... 42 in '07

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June Dodge said...

Wow - what a pretty project. The colors and fabric are so nice - looks like a professional color person put them together! I like the way the four blocks have the center sash - very creative. Thanks for sharing!