Monday, July 22, 2013

July Surprise ! The rest of the story.........

  This week was the Franklin County Fair. We delivered 6 quilts on Tuesday
 morning. After going to out to lunch with Tim we arrived back  at the Fair building for the Judging.   The Judge was very thorough. looked at all aspects of each quilt. I was awarded 6 blues.  She then made her choice of Best of show. not mine... loll... so we went home.
  The quilts were put in their places and viewed all week by fair attendees.   Till late  Sunday when we arrive to  pick them up..... I had  blues on each so that's pretty fine!...
 but then I see my name on a sign near this plaque,, and a big Blue Silver ribbon. ooooooooNIce!   And all the ladies helping at the display descended on me.  A very jolly bunch..  It seems  that Doris Hansen ( of the award)  was a known quilter in the area  and she did very Fine work.  She had so much fun at the Fairs they wanted to carry that forward  by starting this plaque and pretty ribbons.  The family comes to the Fair each year, This is her sister, along with her daughter  and they choose the quilt They like.  Usually  hand quilted!

  Linda's Holiday Quilt fit into a diff category at entry.. A  different  Judge and Booth even... SO we had a second surprise with this lavender rosette ! Runner up Best of Show !

  The nice thing about Hampton Fair is they  write critique on the back of the  registration cards.  ( click and enlarge)

                                              Franklin County Ribbons
                                              North Iowa Fair Ribbons

                                         Worth County Fair Ribbons

 ......... how bout that !

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Alycia said...

COngrats!!! What a very very nice surprise!!!