Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In The Beginning

In the beginning we sent this letter around to friends, family, and others :

Dear Family & Friends.
I need some help from the All of you. I'm thinking of a project to last me all year. On Oprah, she gave the audience $1000, to go out and do good deeds. That made me think what I could do with that, in terms of good deed quilts, and if I could get others to help in some form. So on a MUCH smaller scale... I'm taking $100 of my own......added to what ever COTTON fabrics I can get scrambled up.... and what ever Joann, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby cards I can beg off friends and family.... donations...yardage ...scraps......... to see how many quilts I can DO.... Could YOU search your own homes and round up good cottons..... scraps........ actual fabrics from other sewers... gift cards from the above , etc. and buzz them to me to make good use of?? This will be an on going project for the year.
I'm thinking of sending the finished quilts to the Linus Quilt Project for sick kids.
I May also send some to Habitat for Humanity houses. I did couple bed size quilts for HH in Mason City a few years back.

we will also be adding to the church blanket gathering

~~Well that's my idea...... Let's see how far I can go with it. Can you help?~~~~~ Karyl

This has blossomed into all kinds of responses::

This is awesome!!!!!!! I have a big laundry basket full and will start mailing as soon as this darn storm passes a bit at a time!!!!!!!!! A page would be ohhhh so cool!!!!!! Hugs to you!!!!!!! Nancy

TODAY I recvd a box of great colors and a back size piece too. from Nancy in KS

Good morning! I'm already getting responses from gals wanting to help you!! YEH!! shell

Today I also recvd a box of several colors in yardage. from Kay in AZ
Its so grand to see things happening.. This will work !!!! thanks !~~~~Karyl

ps::: heres pic of those started so far !!!

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